Monday, January 21, 2013

Why raw food is good for you and me?

Have you ever wondered why when we get older we tend to get fat and suffer from more illnesses? Aside from living a (more) sedentary lifestyle, it's mainly because our natural body enzymes deplete with age so we need to replenish them with raw foods. That's why I'm getting to love raw food more such as somtam, fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies and salads for their enzyme content.

Enzymes aid with our digestion so if we eat more processed foods and nothing raw at all, we are causing an imbalance in our system increasing our weight and reducing our body resistance to viruses and bacteria that attack our immune system. The more we eat raw food, avoid processed foods and minimize cooked food intake, we deposit more enzymes to strengthen our immune system to shield us from heavy enzyme withdrawals with heavy workload, adrenaline rush, polluted air, pressures of all sorts or emotional struggles.

Enzyme-loaded food include pineapple, papaya, cucumber and sprouts, asparagus, lettuce and many fruits and green leafy vegetables. Now, you ask me why pineapple and papaya are good diet fruits? It's because they can help digest food such as meat to make the nutrients available for our body use and the waste will be eliminated more quickly. Therefore, metabolism is hastened helping our body in equilibrium not gaining more weight, and making it healthier.

Aside from the enzyme contents raw food offer to protect us from illnesses and weight gain, they also make us more active and rejuvenated making us look young. No wonder God intended fresh fruits from the garden as basic food, not meat and cooked foods. Aren't we also saving much energy by eating raw foods? Hmmm, I'm finding more reasons to support my newly found healthier diet!Let me now go blend pineapple, carrots, green apple, basil and dates for my dinner.


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