Friday, January 18, 2013

Dealing with Different Bosses

In my two decades of working, I have dealt with different bosses. In most cases, I got bosses who impressed and encouraged me a lot with the way they show their leadership and management. Some gave me so much freedom to be myself and they inspired me to contribute more. These bosses have already attained a high degree of success. These are the leaders who are never threatened if their subordinates succeed because they are already confident of themselves. They usually believe that if you under them do great things, all the more that they are elevated as you are under their leadership.

However, there are also bosses who are not easy to deal with. These are those who are just climbing up the ladder trying to prove themselves. These kinds of leaders are still struggling to impose their authority. The tendency for these kinds of leaders is, if someone has more experience or more knowledgeable and skillful in the organization and speaks out her/himself, s/he can be a threat to their authority. So, in this case, you as a subordinate will either just keep quiet even if things go wrong that need to be fixed or improved under their leadership or be daring to iron things out for the system's development. If you do the former, you please your boss but you are still a part of the system that makes you uncomfortable or unhappy. On the other hand, if you do the latter, these kinds of boss might pretend to accept your new ideas but deep within them, they feel being challenged and incapable and they will take things against you later like in an evaluation or some kind of request or favor you may ask from them.

So if you fall under the second category of supervisor or leader, you are in a dilemma. It's either you become dumb and deaf and not perform the way you should or be daring to still try on what you want to improve. Otherwise, start updating your resume. You're lucky if you find a boss under the first category as your wings won't be clipped so you can freely soar higher and higher that your wind also pushes them up all the more.


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