Sunday, December 1, 2013

Better late than never

 If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.Tony Gaskins

This quote struck me when  one good friend posted it on her facebook wall. It was that time that I got  sidetracked doing a big project for someone else instead of focusing on my own dissertation. I just love to serve others. I was hired to help in a million worth project as an editor. For so many years in working in Bangkok, I had to edit dissertations for PhD students and journal articles for lecturers and professors. PhD students got their DR. title and lecturers whose research works I edited got promoted and, of course, got their salary raised many folds. What about me? I was just happy helping others. I only realized later that I could have helped a lot more people in many different ways had I got my own DR. title earlier. The 21st century academe demands for it! And, I could do more than just editing. I could have earned more, two, three or even seven times my earning capacity now if I secured myself first. Nevertheless, I started my PhD two semesters ago and I thank God I was able to pass my proposal defense right away. I'm almost there.

Now, before getting lured by some enticing offers for some projects, I have to think a couple or a million times. I shouldn't be derailed again! Although I started late, better late than never starting at all! Otherwise, I just keep settling for less - building someone else's dream who hires me to build theirs.