Thursday, December 31, 2009

Why do we celebrate the New Year?

New Year Myspace Comments

I'm sure every blogger or everyone is busy right now whether at the kitchen or chatting and bonding with loved ones. I myself am quite busy at the kitchen preparing for the Noche Buena. We as a family don't celebrate the  traditional Christmas on the 25th. My kids used to ask me why and I told them that there's no Biblical basis on the definite date of Jesus' birthday. This is rather a radical stand but it's my personal conviction but I respect everyone who celebrates it, of course. I just keep telling them that the spirit of Christmas should be kept everyday as Jesus Christ was born to die for us so let's remember His death instead and why He died for us. Such great selfless love!
So why do we celebrate the New Year but not Christmas Eve? It's simply to thank God for all the blessings He showered upon us, for the good health, for His spiritual guidance, for His love and care and for everything throughout the year. It's also to bond together as a family in welcoming the new year by praying together.  This is the tradition passed on to us by our parents and I see it worth keeping.
Cheers for the New Year, everyone! May God bless us all in 2010 and in the year onwards.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Countless Blessings to be Grateful of: My Yearend Ruby Tuesday Entry

It's the last Ruby Tuesday of the year and I take this chance to look back at how God has been so good for the year that has to pass. I and my family have countless blessings to thank God this year 2009:
 Our kids' success in school even  if they're studying away from us.
For their teachers who have been patiently molding and guiding them.

For our new bundle of joy God gave us unexpectedly after 10 years
He's now 7 months old and is a real joy to all of us.

 Our kids' God-given talents we strive hard to develop through God's grace
For their piano, violin and voice lesson teachers for the expertise they're transferring to our kids
For the character such as discipline, endurance and time-management they're building in them.
The laughter, excitements even the whining of our growing kids

 Our loving parents- my mom who has just celebrated her 71st birthday and my dad 72nd.
We wish we could reach their age and keep a lifetime and blissful marriage such as theirs.

My dear husband who is such a great provider and supporter for our three wonderful kids
For being a loving husband and encourager


For the bountiful food God has provided on our table throughout the year.

For the loyalty, company and inspiration of great friends such as Ate Lil, Mai, Jena, Malou and Glee
and all my best of friends through thick and thin even in long absence
including my close blogging friends Kathy and Dhemz and the rest in the blogosphere

For the constant love and care of our dear cousin, Ate Guy, for our JD and Josh for over 5 years now
We can't imagine how long-distance parenting would be without her.
For Mommy Rose, Nene Boks, Ars and Ate Eunice for all their long distance assistance.

For Edna, my sister-in-law, who always keeps a very cheerful countenance and optimistic outlook in life even when things go wrong and tough.
Also my own and my hubby's siblings and relatives who are always there no matter what
For our church and Filipino community in Bangkok who lift our spirits up.
For the circle of friends such as Ate Myrns, Mareng Sandra and Mama Tess
for their support and encouragement.

For this kind-hearted friend,Jena, who brought me to where I am now
For the career I enjoy, my former and present boss who have been so nice

For all the emotional and spiritual growth in our marriage
for all the happiness and troubles we've shared
for all the endless blessings we've received
for all the obstacles and challenges we've been able to hurdle
for all the success and achievements we've reaped
for the good health, the exciting adventures and bountiful life we enjoy
and the list goes on and on...
and for the things that are yet to come in the coming years
we are so grateful, Lord.
To God be the Glory!

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Unique Stuffed Toy Christmas Tree (MYM # 5)

Isn't it that yellow is the dominant color in this Christmas tree? I found this Christmas tree unique and interesting so I made my cousin and her daughter pose for me to capture a photo of them. This was taken at a mall  back home during my vacation. 
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Christmas a day before the tsunami


A pre-tsunami Christmas dinner in a Thai way - squatting on the floor and eating with bare hands with kaoniao or sticky rice, barbecue and somtam. This was taken at Patong Beach where there were many tsunami casualties the next morning after this festive dinner.
If I look back to how I celebrated Christmas in 2004, I can't thank God enough for how he allowed us to sing Christmas carols to many souls before they got swept away by the fatal tsunami at prime hotels close to the beaches of Phuket. Thanks God He gave me the chance to still enjoy more Christmases. Yes, our small group consisting of 12 expats from Bangkok survived the tsunami in 2004. We got requested by a church there as they booked us to sing for tourists spending their Christmas away from home at the hotels in that one of the favorite destinations of foreigners having fine beaches - Phuket Island.
Watch out for my post in my other blog on how we escaped death when we were sharing our thrills on an island. Click here for the survivor's account.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Treat at Grab-a-Crab with Gensan Bloggers

After my long vacation back home, I've been tied up with backlogs at work. Then my two kids arrived last Saturday to bond with us during this Christmas season. So blogging has to be set aside but I'm now overflowing with loads of thrills waiting to be posted so I've got to borrow some precious moments from dear kids. One great experience I had back home was enjoying my prize from blogging icon Bariles of on his Ultimate Greeting Contest held last November.
I really did enjoy the great selection of food offered by the posh Grab A Crab owned by Mr. Michael Wee, my dear hubby's classmate way back in college, who is now a very successful businessman. He's also the owner of Miso Construction Supplies where I bought most of our materials for our ongoing house construction not only because of my loyalty to his generous sponsorships to Gensan blogging contests but also because of his very reasonable price and good customer service.
It was such a night to remember! Apart from the ride by the very accommodating Avelman around Paskuhan sa Magandang Gensan and the newly launched Plaza Heneral Santos, that was my last dinner in GenSan, the Tuna Capital of the Philippines and the home of the world's unconquered boxing champ, Manny Pacquaio before I flew back to Manila. Most of all, it was my first time to meet face-to-face the famous bloggers in Gensan. That was an eyeball night since we knew each other only in the blogosphere. Here are some of our photos:

Editor Sheng,  MSU Prof. Gilbert Tan (KnowRead-KnoWrite author) and Mr. Orman Manansala (banker con blogger)

Meet the happy bunch of Gensan bloggers! Bariles aka Avelman of, the contest initiator who is also the Media Officer of Gensan City is the guy in orange. The lady in red is my first Gensan blogger friend, Ms. Jinky of Small Steps by Jinky.

Thanks for the wonderful time with you, guys. Miss you all! Hope to see you again.Thanks also for that great dinner courtesy of Grab-a-Crab, my prize sponsor. I miss the sashimi and grilled panga ever!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Beta Carotene-loaded Salad for Mellow Yellow Monday #4

Hello, dear friends! Back to my blog after a long vacation with lots of fresh experiences and learning worth sharing. One of these is a super healthy food introduced to me by Health Director Dr. Reynald Dela Cruz, my cousin Dr. Eunice's very smart and talented hubby when I stayed at their house during my one-week vacation in Gensan.
It's a very simple recipe but loaded with beta-carotene and other vitamins and high in antioxidant properties. Carrots and pumpkins or squash are organic unlike cabbage which is heavily sprayed with pesticides and nourished with fertilizers so it's not so safe for salads.
I don't even have to share to you the proportion as it may all depend on your preferences. Just shred fresh carrots and raw pumpkin and sprinkle it with raisins. Add a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then garnish it with tomato, lettuce or anything you desire then serve it. Presto, and healthy! Even my picky 10-year old son loves it.
If you're not concerned of fats, calories and cholesterol and you may  want to improve its taste, use mayonnaise or any salad dressing. Yummy but not so healthy.
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Josh in the Tunnel -- Mellow Yellow #3

Sorry this is rather late but like they said--better late than never.
This is Josh in a mellow yellow tunnel with a melllow yellow cap and something of a mellow-yellow shirt.

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