Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our Achievements are Nothing Without Him

As expressed in this song, I always want my family to give back the glory to God for all the things we have achieved, it may be great or small. I also thank God even for all the storms that have shaken us. All these have made us strong. Were it not for our past troubles, hubby and I should have not been enjoying our life together as both OFWs. So overcoming any obstacles in life is a great achievement in itself for it gives us strength and will prepare us for a greater challenge. Hubby called what had happened to us, a "perfect storm at a perfect time" I call in God's time. Yes, in Christ alone do we draw our strength in whatever challenge that comes our way.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer's Bounty

"Summer has come and passed..." Well, my boy sings this song by Green Day a lot this summer by practicing plucking it on guitar. Indeed, summer has ended and these kinds of fruits we love are going to last pretty soon. Rainy season has begun and I'm warmly welcoming it with the change of temperature it brings.

My kids have truly enjoyed the fresh lychees, mangosteen, rambutan, lanzones and their most favorite. Guess what is it? It's the fruit that smells like hell but tastes like heaven - Durian. These are one of the great things beautiful summer offers.

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