Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Generation's Way of Bonding

Look at how these kids bond even if they meet each other only after many years. They used to be very intimate playmates when they were toddlers yet now that they can already communicate well, they just go with the current trend around - under the spell and control of technology. Oh, I so dread the idea that my kids, if not being checked, don't love to meaningfully bond with their cousins and friends anymore, to run and play around and to talk to each other! Instead, they just hang out right in front of the computer. So now whenever we travel, we should be wise enough not to carry a laptop with us.

We're going out to appreciate nature, to cool down at the beach but sorry, despite their begging, we have to leave the busy laptop behind. They need to go out of their shell before they finally become hardened turtles. They need to appreciate nature and the sweetness of meaningful interactions with their fellow human beings, not machines.