Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Welcome to my blogsite!

My friend, Jemina, who invited me to Thailand used to ask me to try blogging just like what she has been enjoying. I always put aside that admonition telling her that I don't have much spare time to spend to it. But now that I'm on maternity leave for 90 days (no, over a hundred days!), I want to have an outlet of my overflowing "thoughts and thrills" as I don't go out and socialize very often anymore to share myself because I choose to be a full-time hands-on mom to my new bundle of joy. Thanks to Jena who is now in UK but still shares her thoughts through blogging. I also got inspired by another friend, Glee, whose interest in blogging is now at its peak. She's actually the one feeding me in ideas about blogging, the same thing she did to me about Friendster a couple of years ago when she had to open my account herself due to my resistance to it. But mind you! I do enjoy FS now as I have reconnected unexpectedly to long lost friends since childhood and elementary days I have lost touch with in different parts of the globe. So I expect that sharing my thoughts and experiences through blogging will also be rewarding and fun not only to me but also to you, dear friends and readers. So, welcome to my blogsite! It's a place for virtual learning and friendship.