Sunday, December 19, 2010

Give love not only on Christmas Day

My god-daughter An who is going to be wed a few days from now, one of the reasons I'm flying home, has been such a very nice person inside-out. She is a very good example of giving love not only on Christmas Day. Lately, her dad passed away so suddenly due to cancer, just a few days before her wedding. The sad thing for An about her dad's sudden passing away is, she and her fiance booked air tickets and hotels for a surprise travel to the Big City and the north for her mom and dad as a Christmas treat for both of them. It should be this time that they are now traveling as a family. I can imagine that every time they present their tickets and hotel bookings with her dad's name, they will all be reminded that he's supposed to be with them, enjoying the surprise.

Well, the thought itself that An did a lot of nice things for her dad prior to his death is very consoling in itself. For sure, An has no regrets that she did never give her best for her dad because, in fact, she did everything to make him happy, even assuring him that she chose the right man whom her dad had willingly given his blessing for their wedding before his unpredictable passing away.

Such a sudden death of a loved one is indeed a great reminder for all of us that we don't have to take our family and friends for granted. We have to remember them not only on Christmas but in every opportunity we have. That's why in the song "Give love on Christmas Day," Christmas should be defined as EVERYDAY.