Thursday, July 14, 2011

Unplanned but never unwanted

I and hubby got an unplanned child but we always tell everyone, "unplanned but never unwanted!". It's true, although I was unhappy upon knowing that I got pregnant. When I learned that I was having that late pregnancy, I was not ready to accept the reality because I had closed my mind to have only 2 kids. I was then happy and contented having both genders, 2 adorable kids who could always make my day even at the toughest time at work or the most pressing challenges in life so never did it cross my mind to have another one as I was already 40 then. But reprocessing my mindset was so easy for me especially that I never go for the idea of abortion. My 2 kids who were then 10 and 9 even cried when they learned of my unexpected pregnancy so we explained to them that if we consider abortion, what if it's not successful? We asked them, "would you like to have a sibling who has deformity or handicap?" And they got our message clear. Now, our unplanned baby has grown into a wonderful toddler. He is our glue, our music box and above all, our health-booster and anti-aging secret.

Our unplanned baby is  our glue because he sticks us together. Everyone wants to go home early excited to play and bond with him. Instead of going somewhere else or hanging around, everyone in the household hurries to go home all because of him so we all bond together as a family.

Our unplanned but loved baby  is our music box because strangely, among our 3 kids even if the other 2 are highly inclined in music, our unplanned baby started to sing with the right tune at a very early age. He can sing "Twinkle, twinkle little star" even before he turned one. There are times that he starts singing the moment he wakes up and he fills our home with music as he also loves to play any instrument be it keyboard, harmonica, flute, guitar whatever instrument is available at home. Like other kids, he also loves to dance when he hears music. Just listening or watching him drives the stresses in life away.

Most of all, this unplanned baby has turned out to be our health-booster and our anti-aging formula. Hubby and I have to stay young, fit and strong as we always think of our late baby. There are even times when I get some minor illness and I think right away of my little boy. I must really get well as I have the fear in mind that if my illness get worse or if I die, what about my baby? This kind of fear has made me take care of my health all the more. I think that my 2 older kids can already survive without me and will understand the situation, but not my toddler yet.  And he's too young and innocent to be left behind. We have to be strong to play with him and to sustain his needs until he is grown-up. So, he's not only our health-booster but also our main anti-aging  factor. Yes, he truly keeps us young and healthy!

So we thank God for our unplanned baby who turned out to be a great blessing to us all. He is never unwanted; in fact, our late bundle of joy is dearly loved by us all.

Friday, July 1, 2011

New place, new learning experience

Life is indeed a constant change. And I'm very glad that my kids are living up to this reality of constant change. I grew up moving from one school to another which now I can say I have benefited a lot as it made me more sociable and, at least, flexible with any changes and surprises. Having moved to a new school, my kids had to share their frustrations as well as excitements. Now, after barely 3 weeks, they share less frustrations but now more tone of normalcy.

My boy, after living in his own home with less older peers to get along with for years, at first got confronted with the issue of not knowing how to respect older ones. Now living in a dormitory with mixed ages and personalities has helped him learn to deal with others. I've observed his stubbornness and advised him to be nice to anyone but his experience is his best adviser. He felt that his dorm-mates, all older than him, were not happy about it so it's his best way of changing. Isn't this a great experience for a growing boy? I know that he will learn more things other than this at his new learning place. Having to live with the constant change in life is the best thing he and his sister need to learn day by day wherever they are.