Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ganda Ever So Much, Inside-out!

You're right! I haven't updated here for quite a while. The reason? I've been writing my thesis for my much coveted ADMU degree, which means I need TIME and FOCUS as I'm also quite loaded in my job during the first semester. But what's the urge that distracted my attention? Two very influential bloggers whom I can't ever turn down - the great Manansala brothers, Avel and Orman from Gensan, who arrived in Bangkok yesterday. Why? They're always busy as a bee, much busier than me perhaps, given their very important roles in their jobs and in the city as ambassadors of good will ever but they really give time to see me when I'm home in Gensan. Don't wanna be ingrata (ungrateful:). I also have a lot of things to say about the multi-awarded blogger Avel of GenSan news online mag, of course, but let me focus this time on his Ganda Ever So Much bro who is celebrating his First Blogoversary next month. This is the reason why I can't put off writing about him; otherwise, it will be too stale if I wait until I finish what I'm doing.

A banker holding a key position nationwide, Orman is ganda (nice) ever so much, indeed, inside-out. The picture below shows his generosity. While on our way from Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok to the historical Ayudhya yesterday, he was trying to update me with anything about Pinas. He aroused my interest about the newly elected president's SONA. I admitted that I had never heard Noynoy speaking before but when I heard his inaugural speech that gave him the tag "2nd Obama" (thanks to the online TV Patrol news updates!), I was totally impressed and I started to adore him. But I told Orman that even if I never heard him speak before all I know is that, he's a man of integrity and that is exactly what our country direly needs this time. I informed Orman that I did actively campaign for Noynoy in my own simple ways. And guess what? He grabbed something from his backpack and surprised me with this:

Here's a close up photo of what he gave me:

Do you like it? My sister-in-law, Edna, does and Orman promised to give her one when she goes home to Gensan. See? He's really generous which shows how appealing he is in doing PR endeavors not only for his bank but also for Magandang Gensan where he gives out his heart and mind. At Day 1 of his family tour yesterday (he's the major sponsor of their sibling mega-country hopping tour, mind you!), all he was thinking was, how his trips can contribute more to the development of Gensan. He's selfless in that even if he was too tired to walk into the Floating Market being our last destination yesterday, he never showed that he's tired by forcing himself to walk on. Then impressed at the setting and the food sold at the Floating Market, he asked his brother Avel if they can do something like that in Gensan. FYI, Orman is one of those behind Gensan's famous Tuna Festival and Kalilangan which, I say, are one of a kind. He's really contagious as he (as well as Avel) motivated us to think of what we can contribute for tourism attraction in Gensan, something naiiba (unique). We (with hubby and Edna) already had this desire before he had manifested such love for our city but now it's getting more defined and burning after my encounter with him.

It's not actually the Noynoy watch only that has drawn my heart closer to this ganda ever so much man. It's his character. On our way home from the whole day tour in Ayudhya yesterday, we were met with a downpour and terrible traffic jam. In heavily jammed Pratunam where their posh hotel is located, our van turned right instead of left missing the way to Baiyoke Suite Hotel. With everyone too tired to walk after the tour, one of us complained that the driver should have just moved back instead of forwarding and following a long jammed narrow lane. Although I didn't say anything, I quite agreed with that thought but Orman sternly yet kindly admonished, "Relax, nakayanan niyo ngang umupo at maghintay kanina nang matagal ngayon pa na malapit na tayo."

No wonder Orman has been reaping one success after another. He has been elevated to top positions handling and leading people of different personalities. He has the heart, the mind and the character to really be on the top all because he's really Ganda Ever 
So Much all throughout.
 Orman is adventurous enough in trying just any kinds of food. Magandang maging bisita, walang kaarte-arte!!! Here, I let him taste raw string beans. Next is raw kangkong (morning glory) in the plate, anyone? It's the Thai way of eliminating food poisoning as these raw veges are believed to be effective antioxidants. I took this photo of him at Tonnam, a riverboat restaurant, famous for its river shrimps tom yum kung.
He's also a very affectionate friend. See? He's easily endeared to our Thai friend, Teau, and they look like being friends for so long. He will really make you feel comfortable with him. This photo was taken at Bang Pain Summer Palace. Beside me (in blue) is Orman's very nice bro, Avel.

Capturing the rows of Buddha images with us at Wat (temple) Chai Mongkol  is Orman's sister, Mara. She's so lucky to have such a loving and caring brother like Orman to be taking her to a tour around the world. He's really Ganda Ever So Much to his own family as well, isn't he?

Thanks a lot for the encouragement and for everything, Orman, and Happy 1st Blogoversary to your Ganda Ever So Much blog!  I really appreciate that there are people around like you who care not only of themselves but for others and for their own place as well. More success to reap and blessings to keep flowing!Mwahhhhh!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pencil-Sharpener Analogy

Like these pencils, I want to be sharpened. No matter how painful the process is, I have to bear the pain of being shaped so that I will be able to write or draw quite well that others may know me through my output. With this, I may be able to reach out and influence others. "No pain, no glory."
The pencil can't write very well if it's dull so it needs to be sharpened. We are the pencil and who is our sharpener? It can be our own life's experiences that have taught us some lessons in life. It can be other people around us who shape our views and attitudes in life or people who might have taught us big lessons to learn. Or it could be life's circumstances that might have molded us to be a better person.
So no matter how unbearable the circumstance is that is happening with us right now, let's just look ahead and be optimistic enough that there's always a reason why such thing occurred. It's the way to be sharpened. That's how colorful life is - like a kaleidoscope. If all we see is darkness right now, later will be a glorious brightness. Life is full of contrasts. We are dull like a pencil right now, but if we allow ourselves to be sharpened, our life will become beautiful.