Monday, January 7, 2013

A better 2013 in my dreams

Like Daniel and Joseph, I do believe in dreams. I've been learning to interpret my own dreams. Recently, I dreamed of very positive symbols for starting the new year. One was, I was happily picking very healthy oranges and apples. Another one just the other night was slaying a lion by shooting it with a gun. Yes, I killed it even if it was so powerful then I was able to go on with my flight to my destination. What all these dreams mean?

To me, I do believe that success rarely comes by chance. It's a product of hard work, ingenuity and right attitude. Like in the case of reaching my destination, in my dream it was represented by my catching a flight but a lion was threatening me so I had to deal with it, otherwise I would not get to the plane that would take me somewhere. In real life, there are a lot of obstacles in reaching our goal. They can be people, circumstances or own SELF for wrong attitudes. So with this dream, I reflected a lot to assess myself and identify the lions that block my way to reach a greater height. For example, I should be more proactive, more time-conscious and much clearer with my goals and priorities.I should be smarter in dealing with bad situations even tough people hard to deal with and should not be overcome by negative thoughts or attitudes.

I really wanted to start this year right! By God's grace, I declare 2013 to be a brighter, healthier, happier and a more productive and wholesome year for me and my family ever. In Jesus' name we will together slay all the lions along the way for His glory, Amen!


nice A said...

I've already realized the meaning of one of my dreams. Thank God!

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