Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Teamwork in Marriage

In this age when women have become recognized to be playing an important role not only in the country's economy but also in the household, it is no longer an issue if the woman earns more than man.

Even if say I earn more than my husband, I have to support my husband how he can maximize his earning capacity. For example, I encourage him to further his post-graduate studies so that he can maximize his earning capacity.At present, we're working as lecturers at the same university but because I finished my master's degree long time ago, it has an effect on our salary but thankfully the gap is not that big. It's also because we supported each other in working things out together on the signing of contract so we were able to achieve our desired salaries. In effect, there is no comparison on our earnings.

I am aware of the need for a man to satisfy his ego in being the major breadwinner so I really do my role in propping up my husband to realize it although he is not bothered about it anymore. I am happy that I showed him before that I could live content by just his earnings but if we would do that this time, of course, we have to sacrifice quality of life especially now that our children have growing needs. He understands that having three children to support is not easy so he gives up his ego by allowing me to use my God-given gifts to be his helpmate. I do appreciate that he recognizes my potentials in pursuing a career that would keep us supporting each other. He does not see me as a competitor but a team-mate to realize our common goals. He allows me to be me so I am thankful to God that our disparity in earnings is no longer an issue. I have noticed, of course, that having almost equal salaries now makes hubby a more fulfilled man so I have to keep helping him until he would become the major family supporter. After all, our teamwork apart from our love for each other determines our success and happiness in marriage.

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e-Mom said...

Wonderful! I love your attitude. You're a strong helpmate. You two are a great team, and I know you'll achieve your desired financial goals together.

Thank you, as always, for joining us for Marriage Monday.

Blessings, e-Mom @ Chrysalis

nice A said...

Thank you very much, e-Mom for your encouragement and for hosting this great meme. I'm always blessed by learning new things and from MM posts and by reflecting on my own experiences in marriage.

kimmy said...

i have seen marriages where this is an issue. in our case, however, i think we have no choice but for both of us to work in order to support our family.. :D

nice A said...

@kimmy, thanks a lot for your comment. yes, there are many marriages who are struggling over the issue either the woman is the sole breadwinner or she earns more than the man.

nice A said...

Happy New Year, everyone!

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