Sunday, February 3, 2013

Loving the unlovable

February is dubbed as the month of love. Whatever origin this belief is, Saint Valentine or whoever he was, let me share with you my nice thoughts about love. It is easy for everyone to love the lovable, isn't it? It's  very easy to be nice to those who are very nice to you, of course. This is normal human tendency. But the greatest challenge to us is loving the unlovable. How can we do that?

Be it in school, at work, at home, in a group, there are always annoying people who we tend to hate or dislike. In my life as an educator, for example, I have a lot of very annoying, arrogant and undesirable students. But what should I do with them? Just ignore them? Bid them get lost? Give them failing marks? Don't pay attention to them if they have concerns? Although they can be pain on the neck, thank God I have learned to handle these kinds of extreme personalities in my teaching life. No matter how undesirable they are, we have the responsibility to accept them. Or simply love them as they are just like Jesus was willing to teach and reach out everyone even the worst sinners and annoying people such as Zacchaeus and the Pharisees. It's easier said than done but through Jesus Christ's example and strength, we can do it.

I still need to learn how to love the unlovable in all walks of life. It's not only on the love month but on a daily basis. It is love that we are able to forgive those who have wronged us. It is love that makes us accept even the most unlikable one. It is love that makes me and hubby stick together despite each other's imperfections. Love for God is love! 


Glee said...

Ah, talk about unlovable students. I had a full share of dealing with them in my entire eight years of teaching. But tell you what? I happened to have very less encounter of unlovable students in the Philippines than when I worked as a teacher abroad. Is it because teachers are valued in our country?

I had quite a number of students in the international school where I last worked who bullied me, and in order to stand undefeated and to discourage other students to follow their example, my only choice was to bully them back. It didn´t help that the administration protect their students no matter what because the school is pure business.

The only way to understand why such students behave the way they do is to meet their parents. Generally, bully and undesirable students also have bully parents.

nice A said...

@Glee, so sorry for the students bullying you. Your kind of students there have been racially discriminated for a lot of issues and I feel so sad about them. However, the more they do for whatever they are hated for, the more they are hated.

I have a lot of bullies here too, but I always use reason and valuing. I act like a parent to them instead. I do educate them so I only appeal to reason. Whenever I do that, they behave differently. So for me, at least, this works well. Some of them call me their "mother" away from their home. I readily speak out my mind so they are aware of the gap even if I'm always nice with them.

Certainly, teachers are more respected in the Philippines that's why I miss teaching there. But there is a challenge everywhere. I love this challenge though as it can help me grow to be a tougher teacher who can weather multicultural differences.

Thanks for stopping by, Glee. Hugs and blessings.

Unknown said...

It seems that you have learnt a lot through the process of “loving the unlovable”. Though it must have been difficult, this post shows you passed the test. God often places us in situations where we can grow. We can never really grow in our comfort zone, coz we get too comfortable there for our own good. Putting difficult children around you, he has tested you and built up your patience. Today you are better person because of what you went through. You seem intent on following Christ’s example. Let me tell you from experience, that is the best path. Stick to him, and you will never go wrong! Marriage Advice For Women

nice A said...

@Ellen Smith, thanks so much for your encouraging comment.

nice A said...

Wow, I miss my blog! Such a long time.

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