Monday, November 19, 2012

My husband's greatest gift of all

 It's the musicality of my husband I was first drawn to him. It's this same gift of musicality that drew him to Jesus as well. And, this is his very gift  that has strongly united us as a family as we sing together or play musical instruments as a family to worship God. If not for music, where would my husband be?

If God didn't use music to let my dear hubby feel the Holy Spirit working in him through songs in the church choir 6 years ago, he might be somewhere else this time (or might be with someone else:). Probably, he's somewhere else singing worldly songs with a microphone on one hand and a bottle of intoxicating drink on the other hand, (with a sexy entertainer in front, LOL).  That's his kind of former life without God but now he's willing to share his testimony on how God has transformed him as well as our marriage and family life. Thanks be to God for his wondrous working in our lives.

So, as our gratitude to God for His gift of music to my husband that has united our family especially in our spiritual life, we let our kids learn musical instruments they can use in serving God. All our three kids love music, both singing and playing musical instruments and they have been gifted with a missionary heart. In fact, our daughter has been offered a scholarship to take up music and render back service as a missionary in a non-Christian country when she finishes her degree. Despite her wish to be a medical doctor at an early age, she doesn't mind taking dual degree and spending two years later to give back service in the music ministry. She, being a daddy's girl, is of course very grateful on the way God used music for her dad to be drawn to Him so she strongly believes in the power of music to touch the hearts of the unbelievers.

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Rachelle Dawson said...

I enjoy hearing stories about the ways God has worked in people's lives and the methods He has used. It shows me how creative God is in dealing with us.

nice A said...

Thank you, Rachelle, for your encouraging words. God bless.

Susannah said...

That's wonderful... you're blessed to be married to a musical man. Your children seem to be passing along his legacy. Special!

We;re definitely not talented in that area, sad to say. Our son worked for a Christian radio station for some time... as an engineer.

Enjoy all that talents

Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today, Nice A.

Blessings, e-Mom

nice A said...

Thank you for the encouragement, e-Mom! And thanks for reviving Marriage Monday, which gives me the opportunity to reflect on certain areas in my life I seem to neglect.

Constance said...

That's so cool! I always wanted to be that person who could sing or play music to worship God. I trust that God knew what He was doing by NOT blessing me in that capacity!!

Sometimes I marvel at how God orchestrates things to such a point where we say, "Only God..." In the most unlikely of ways, in the most amazing of intricate detail, He weaves this beautiful tapestry of our life that no one else could ever do!
Thanks for sharing,

nice A said...

@Constance, indeed, it's so wonderful how God orchestrates things to make things right beyond our imagination. Such deep love He has for us that he works in all possible way to draw us back to Him.

I'll be visiting your blog in a while and be blessed again with your post. Thanks for always coming by. Blessings.

Tami said...

I'm married to a music man too. And love it! It brings some sensitivity and beauty to our home, as you well know. Sweet picture.

nice A said...

Glad to know that, Tami. Thanks for your comment.

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