Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Getting rid of insomnia

Insomnia kept me awake again for two weeks so I was not able to reach my goal of at least 8 hour sleep every night. If I don't get my 8-hour goal, I feel that I'm not very effective at work and even with my family. I even sometimes try to take a nap at work during lunch break but it doesn't help much. All I need is the complete night sleep!

What caused this disruption of my sleeping pattern? After thorough observation of my patterns, I realized that 2 things are causing my insomnia. First, I can't sleep immediately if I go to bed late (after 11pm is late for me!). Second, I don't get a full night sleep if I don't take my multivitamins with ferrous sulfate.

I already tried not thinking at all so I could fall asleep or go back to sleep if I wake up at the middle of the night but it didn't work. I also tried drinking milk, thinking of very nice thoughts, serene and green places, and things like that. Nothing worked for 2 weeks. I started to feel like my head was empty or I would feel like it's shaking although there's no earthquake. It's only after I went back to my normal routine of going to bed on time and taking my vitamins that I'm back to my normal good night rest again. Thank God! There's no substitute for a complete night rest for me.


kimmy said...

i can so relate to that. i suffer from insomnia every once in a while..

glee said...

until I moved to Germany, I never suffered from insomia. Probably it was because of the rigid nature of my job in Bangkok which leaves me physically worn out at the end of the day. But here in Europe, because I sit in front of my laptop whole day, my sleeping pattern have changed. I´m now insomiac :(

nice A said...

@kimmy, thanks for being able to relate. Hope we will get rid of it for good.

nice A said...

@Glee, hey, didn't know you're suffering from insomnia there in your new environment. Try different strategies aside from blogging as your body might be accustomed to it and not set to your normal biological clock.

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