Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Connecting with the World at Robinsons GenSan

Although my two-week vacation was mainly meant for working on my thesis in Manila and improving our house a little bit in Magandang Gensan, it wouldn't have been more memorable without socializing and going out despite my super tight skeds. One of the highlights of my short vacay in the country's Tuna Capital and home of PacMan was meeting up with old (and new) friends. And I was so glad that some of them asked me to meet at the newly opened Robinsons Place I've been to only once last year. While waiting for my dates one after the other, I was able to check my emails and to reply the urgent ones at my work in Bangkok. Most importantly, I got the chance to reconnect with my dear hubby and family who were waiting for ages for me to be online (huh!) because Robs GenSan has already got a free wi-fi connection. I was terribly tied up so I couldn't afford to waste any seconds. Thanks to Robs' wi-fi connection that kept me productive between waiting times! It's so relieving that I was able to update with my loved ones overseas seeing them on webcam. With an energized mood after chatting with my family, I fulfilled one of my plans in going to Robs. I was happy to quickly find the desired home products I had in mind. Was also able to buy at Robinsons neat supermarket my whole wheat bread and unpolished rice which I couldn't easily find elsewhere. Here in Bangkok, Robinsons is always one of our shopping places because it speaks of best quality and fortunately, it's the same in GenSan.
And we met at last! After longggg years of missing each other, I had to reconnect the missing links with my closest friend at the college of law, Tantan Fortaleza-Pingoy I haven't met for over 10 years . No wonder she brought me to Fonti, a cafe that offers heavenly cakes at Robinsons baked by no other than the smart and beautiful wife of Atty. Fontanilla herself. Tantan is one of the stockholders here. Oh, I really needed to be updated! And guess what a hospitable friend she remains! I went home with a large box of yummy-licious chocolate cake she asked me to pick up 2 days after our "bitin-na-bitin" chit-chat ever. My kids licked their finger with Tita Liza's specially baked goodie given by Tita Tantan.

While Tantan and I were catching up with each other at Fonti inside Robinson's, this train carrying merry kids (and their guardians:) cho-choed at our side. I wished that my baby were with me. Anyway, I would surely take him to Robinson's Place when we go home as a family. He will certainly enjoy this ride here while mommy will be very busy shopping for her household needs.

Ah, GenSan has really grown into a more sophisticated place with classy Robinsons' establishment! It's not only the panga, kinilaw, abundant fruits and food that I'm proud of Gensan now but its keeping up with the modern world. Having free wi-fi connection at a mall like Robs shows that Gensan is at par with world-class cities. How good it is to shop for best qualities here and dine at its food court and restos to enjoy the fresh and bountiful food Gensan offers at the same time to connect with the world for free and reconnect with loved ones away from home! Only at Robinsons...

(Let me take this opportunity to thank my nice friend Jinky Borela as well as her hubby Arnel for the box of  fresh panga that has reached Pangasinan and Bangkok. Also to Bossing Orman M., Media Officer AvelMan aka Bariles, Prof. Gilbert Tan, Marz, Peter for the sundo at Gensan airport and for Orman's fun Blogoversary Party at Arnevel. My never-changing friend Beth Peralta-Gomez for my croc leather bag loaded Victoria's Secrets. Also to my relatives who have kept me company at home, to all my friends who have made my stay there so meaningful, you guys, make me keep yearning to go back to Magandang Gensan. I really like this beautiful city with lots of beautiful people, interesting spots and world-class malls ever! I love you Gensan!!!)


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