Monday, January 4, 2010

Time is Gold yet Reduce Stress

How's your new year everyone? Mine was very well spent as my family was complete.
This is my first post for this year and I want to begin the new year right. Here are some Time Saving Tips to help us reduce stress and improve our productivity this year 2010. 
I stumbled upon this list of tips at Pag-ibig Home Development Fund Office in Gensan last month so I took a photo of it as I consider it worth sharing.

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chubskulit said...

Thanks for these tips!

My Mellow Yellow

scribbler said...

Ayos ang MYM natin ngayon ah..malalim (wink! wink!)

A lemon a day

nice A said...

chubskulit & scribbler, thanks for your nice comments. i already visited your MYM posts.

nuts said...

i need tips for saving, thanks for sharing.
mine is here!

momgen said...

Nice tips for Mellow yellow Monday....

Mine is here

Dhemz said...

this is what I! thanks for sharing this helpful tips teA....:)

musta na po? been a long time na din akong d nakapagbloghop....super busy kasi because of the holidays...tapos busy din for packing some stuff....the 3 of us will leave on gosh...can't wait...ehehhehe!

our new year was awesome....I cooked dinner and we stayed up late...may fireworks ba jan during the new year?

happy New year po pala....ingat! salamat sa dalaw!

Lindy MacDuff said...

Very good suggestions.

Thanks for visiting my MYM post. Happy Monday!

Manang Kim said...

I need to know more about Pag-ibig I might get a loan soon hehe.

MYM/BM:Christmas gifts

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss A! Salamat sa info.. I need this big time! Pero ewan kung pwede ko na bang i-meeting sina andrea at fifi.. hehehe...

Hindi pa rin pwede i-delegate ang mga gawain sa kanila.. hehehe.. but all the other stuff are helpful for me..

Salamat po sa bisita Miss A!

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