Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Eve Traditions

Some of us believe that to make the new year prosperous and bountiful, we have to make our New Year's Eve celebration festive and colorful. Accordingly, red foods are the best at this time. Some also believe that it is good to prepare round-shaped fruits and wear polka-dotted clothes as the shape of money is circle. What about the bills which have bigger values? Are there rectangular fruits? What about the 13 kinds of fruits? What do they symbolize? Some people make noise or have a display of fireworks to ward off evil spirits or simply enjoy the colorful sight of them. Those who are not careful with fireworks or even just onlookers end up fingerless or burnt.
Our celebration was just a simple one. It was joyous enough that our family was complete and we had some friends to share the joy with in welcoming the new year and in being grateful for the past year. It was just a coincidence that we prepared some reddish foods. It so happened that my kids' favorite food is spaghetti and for us adults it includes caldereta (beef or goat meat stew) and escabeche (fried fish with sweet and sour sauce). One of the family's favorite fruits is red watermelon. Perhaps, the good reason for this tradition of preparing colorful foods at this season is the psychological effect red brings being joyous and inviting.It's also a coincidence that we use polka-dotted dinner plates and our friends who believe in the luck it may bring were so happy.
Whether or not we have colorful foods or 13 kinds of fruits on our table, wear any polka dots or have a grand display of magnificent fireworks , what matters most in beginning the year is our optimism in life and our will to make ourselves a better person.
What about your idea of new year's celebration and resolution?
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Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Bountiful table,
groaning with the New Year’s feast—
oh, we shall eat well!

Milkmaids with ruby sashes!

Manang Kim said...

Hmmmmmmm now I am drooling...all those food looks very delectable...thanks for sharing!

RRT:Macopa fruit

nuts said...

ooh, you've got lots of food here... im drooling..

philly5113 said...

I agree. We must be optimistic about the future and through that optimism strive to change in ways that will make us grow, care, share and be better all around.
I really like your blog and your thoughts.

nice A said...

Magical Mystical Teacher, Manang Kim and nuts, thanks for your comments. I did enjoy hopping on your RT entries.

nice A said...

@philly5113, thanks for reading my thoughts through. It makes me happy to blog more even on some controversial topics.
I've just visited your blog and I'm glad we share the same thoughts.

shengmarie said...

Food, whatdaheck, there's more food! But i tell you, nothing beats Pinoy food! Di ba ate nice? Pinaiinggit lang kita, teehee.

Dhemz said...

ay ang ganda ng entry...ehhehehe....:) kami din te, we had a simple celebration....nagluto lang ako....yon lang....kami lang 3 ni hubby, akesha at usual...ehhehe....:)

my gosh...dami nyo naman handa...may LO's pa ba jan? ehheheh!

salamat sa dalaw at comment te...ingat po! sa lunes pa po pla kami aalis....this will be hubby's 4th time and Akesha's 2nd time to visit the PI...excited na nga kami eh....:)

hanggang kelan po ang stay ng mga kids jan sa Thailand?

kathy said...

Wow sarap naman ng handa! Hmm... Bakit hindi kaya ako na-invite??? lol..

Tama ka Miss A! psychological lng naman ang mga preparartions for new year, pero for the sake of tradition na rin kaya ko sinusunod para atleast it would continue na rin sa aking mga kids when they grow up...

Kami rin lng dito nong new year kasi hubby is at work, pero naghanda pa rin ako para maalala nila paglaki nila ang mga ginagawa namin tuwing new year...

kathy said...

Here again Miss A! Back to normal na ang blogging schedule ko.. Mabuti ka pa may yaya para kay Jako, ako, ako ang yaya dito! waaa!! Hirap talaga buhay sa abroad pero kailangan ehh...


Dhemz said...

hahhaa...korek si kathy..buti kapa te may yaya...gosh, dito bantay bata 163 mahal kaya ang yaya dito....hahhaa...:)

salamat sa dalaw te..a quick dalaw dito...ingat po!

si hubby ko nag blogging din sya...but he's not active...heheheh!

nice A said...

Dhemz & Kathy, salamat sa mga comments niyo. lagi niyo tlga ako ini-inspire. you're both so nice, guys.

nice A said...

sheng, thanks din sa dalaw dito. minsan lng kita nkikita pero masaya na ako dahil nkadalaw ka rin. oo, siyempre mas masarap pa rin ang nakalakihan nating pagkaing pinoy lalo na yang mga pagkain diyan sa gensan na nami-miss ko.kita-kits tayo ulit:)

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