Friday, January 8, 2010

Of being a Nanny

Hush, my baby is sleeping! I have to sneak to the PC to post here quickly. You know what? It's my second day as a nanny. To my own baby! Yes, I've been absent from my work because our baby's nanny had to go home after 4 months of taking care of our now hyperactive little boy. I realize more how important the role of a nanny is. That's why I keep telling my kids never to look down on anyone doing menial jobs such as farmers, janitors, drivers and even nannies and domestic helpers. I asked them why they should not. Their answer was: Without the farmers, we don't have food to eat; without the janitors, our environment will be dirty; without a nanny, mommy and daddy can't go to work and if they don't go to work, we can't go to school... and if we can't go to school we are nothing... and so on. Good, they know the value of menial workers. I can't imagine myself without our dear cousin who has been patiently taking care of them for over 5 years now.
The good thing I'm now serving as a  nanny myself is to be more compassionate, understanding, grateful and respectful to any nanny in the world even to moms who are serving as nannies to their own kids. I would say, they play a very important role in every family that needs them and to the society as a whole. Without them, like teachers, even the greatest of lawyers, doctors, engineers, businessmen, politicians, etc. haven't become what they are.


aaaaaa said...

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kathy said...

Very well-said Miss A! Ur so right talaga! And it's good that you teach your kids all of that lessons, I am sure they will grow-up to be very rounded and good persons. Hats-off to you... Salamat po sa bisita and comments...


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