Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Red books we read

Some best-sellers our American friends passed on to us.

Academics, Literature and Health

My kids bought these books along with Amazing Facts and Eragon from KL Sentral Train Station in Malaysia on our way to Singapore. They're an entertaining read for little kids on a long boring trip.

Buying books for kids even at a very early stage is a lifetime investment as they learn to love reading especially if they see adults around reading a lot. I bought these colorful books for Baby Jako from Scholastica during the Thailand International Education Exhibition. I got them 25% off when my baby was only 3 months old and now he's enjoying them especially Let's Spell with Clifford, the red dog as he can easily flip the thick pages.

It's our kids' all-time favorite since they were babies yet. Now they're 12 and 11 so they're now the ones telling its stories to their 8 month old baby brother. Its simplified stories and interesting illustrations make kids love Bible stories.
"A family that reads together grows together."

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Carletta said...

A very diverse selection of books!
I love John Grisham - wonderful writer.
An Elmo book I spy - I posted one of those as well. I so agree that buying for kids is a lifelong investment. I love seeing little ones excited about books.
Wonderful Ruby post!

Mine’s here: Round The Bend.

Rinkly Rimes said...

A great collection! I forgot about books!

chubskulit said...

love stories is my weakness.

Great Find Ruby

Dimple said...

Thanks for the visit!

Jama said...

A great selection of books here....I too have that book by Sidney Sheldon,in fact I got the whole collection of his books and quiet a number of them are red.

eden said...

Love Sidney Sheldon..

thanks for the visit

B : ) said...

Well, unlike me, you can follow directions well! Great shots. B : )

Marice said...

those are great collections!

u may view mine here

Serline said...

My baby loves to read books so when I went back to Singapore, I brought home some of the story books that I had passed to my brother. I still love to read children's book .

Stine in Ontario said...

Looks like books are popular at your house! Mine too. :)

kathy said...

wow! well-read jud mo sis! it's good to teach our kids the love of books... Andrea also has the simplified ten commandments books sis.. It's very good all ten are explained in ways that a kid could understand... try to look for it in a bookstore sis...




Juliet said...

lots of books in here! :-)

kathy said...

Love Sidney Sheldon and Daniel Steel Miss A pero ngayon wla na talagang time to read any long novels...


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