Monday, January 25, 2010

Happily Wrapped in Yellow Batik Malong

 My cutie-pie enjoys being wrapped in SIL's yellow batik malong. Malong is a very versatile piece of cloth commonly used in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and even in some parts of Thailand. The full-length is 2 spans combined together to cover the full height of the user. It is very handy for travelers as it can be placed in a handbag so if they don't want to use the sheets served in the hotels, they can simply use their own malong. Or if they are traveling by bus, train or even plane, they can use it as a blanket when it's cold. It is also used artistically in beauty pageants and it is styled as a nice gown in different ways. Malong is made from different fabrics and prints but I love the soft cotton with batik design most.I keep 3 pieces of it as a collection.



kathy said...

I love the picture Miss A! So Happy! Anlaki na ni Jako...


nice A said...

@kathy, thanks a lot sis. Jako is turning 9 months on the 30th and he has 6 teeth now, 2 molars. Thanks for making it here:)

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