Thursday, December 31, 2009

Why do we celebrate the New Year?

New Year Myspace Comments

I'm sure every blogger or everyone is busy right now whether at the kitchen or chatting and bonding with loved ones. I myself am quite busy at the kitchen preparing for the Noche Buena. We as a family don't celebrate the  traditional Christmas on the 25th. My kids used to ask me why and I told them that there's no Biblical basis on the definite date of Jesus' birthday. This is rather a radical stand but it's my personal conviction but I respect everyone who celebrates it, of course. I just keep telling them that the spirit of Christmas should be kept everyday as Jesus Christ was born to die for us so let's remember His death instead and why He died for us. Such great selfless love!
So why do we celebrate the New Year but not Christmas Eve? It's simply to thank God for all the blessings He showered upon us, for the good health, for His spiritual guidance, for His love and care and for everything throughout the year. It's also to bond together as a family in welcoming the new year by praying together.  This is the tradition passed on to us by our parents and I see it worth keeping.
Cheers for the New Year, everyone! May God bless us all in 2010 and in the year onwards.


kathy said...

Happy New Year Miss A! Enjoy your celebration.. Daan lng to greet you kasi sakit na ng ulo ko... God bless...

nice A said...

Hi, Kathz! So sorry to know you got sick. Me too, I've caught flu just now. huhuhu! Hope we both get well soon.

scribbler said...

happy new year..buti kayo buo..
flu? tubig lang yan at pahinga. There's no better solution. wag dedepende sa gamot. basta pag offset pahinga na agad or eat isang tiklis ng prutas. mura lang naman jan sa bkk di ba?

scribbler said...

ay I forgot pala ang salabat at russian penicilin..hehe

nice A said...

thanks, scribbler. yeah, you reminded me of ginger. instead o ginger tea i make it fresh with vinegar and salt. i just gargle it. i tried using it for the first time when i was in gensan last month when i was preparing seaweed salad. that's very effective so let me validate it this time. i hate taking meds like you, you know.

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