Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Countless Blessings to be Grateful of: My Yearend Ruby Tuesday Entry

It's the last Ruby Tuesday of the year and I take this chance to look back at how God has been so good for the year that has to pass. I and my family have countless blessings to thank God this year 2009:
 Our kids' success in school even  if they're studying away from us.
For their teachers who have been patiently molding and guiding them.

For our new bundle of joy God gave us unexpectedly after 10 years
He's now 7 months old and is a real joy to all of us.

 Our kids' God-given talents we strive hard to develop through God's grace
For their piano, violin and voice lesson teachers for the expertise they're transferring to our kids
For the character such as discipline, endurance and time-management they're building in them.
The laughter, excitements even the whining of our growing kids

 Our loving parents- my mom who has just celebrated her 71st birthday and my dad 72nd.
We wish we could reach their age and keep a lifetime and blissful marriage such as theirs.

My dear husband who is such a great provider and supporter for our three wonderful kids
For being a loving husband and encourager


For the bountiful food God has provided on our table throughout the year.

For the loyalty, company and inspiration of great friends such as Ate Lil, Mai, Jena, Malou and Glee
and all my best of friends through thick and thin even in long absence
including my close blogging friends Kathy and Dhemz and the rest in the blogosphere

For the constant love and care of our dear cousin, Ate Guy, for our JD and Josh for over 5 years now
We can't imagine how long-distance parenting would be without her.
For Mommy Rose, Nene Boks, Ars and Ate Eunice for all their long distance assistance.

For Edna, my sister-in-law, who always keeps a very cheerful countenance and optimistic outlook in life even when things go wrong and tough.
Also my own and my hubby's siblings and relatives who are always there no matter what
For our church and Filipino community in Bangkok who lift our spirits up.
For the circle of friends such as Ate Myrns, Mareng Sandra and Mama Tess
for their support and encouragement.

For this kind-hearted friend,Jena, who brought me to where I am now
For the career I enjoy, my former and present boss who have been so nice

For all the emotional and spiritual growth in our marriage
for all the happiness and troubles we've shared
for all the endless blessings we've received
for all the obstacles and challenges we've been able to hurdle
for all the success and achievements we've reaped
for the good health, the exciting adventures and bountiful life we enjoy
and the list goes on and on...
and for the things that are yet to come in the coming years
we are so grateful, Lord.
To God be the Glory!

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Dimple said...

It is good to remember how God has blessed us. Thanks for sharing your blessings, and for visiting my blog.

luna miranda said...

life is indeed great when we count our blessings, and you are so richly blessed.

thanks for sharing.

nice A said...

Dimple and Luna, thanks a lot for making it here. I'll blog-hop on other RT entries later including yours.

scribbler said...

ay oo nga nanjan ako wahahah..
Lovely poetry, sonnet, ode whatever hehe

FaYe said...

you have such wonderful blessings this year in which you must be thankful for.
hope 2010 will bring you more than this year.advance happy new year!

Marice said...

wow thats a nice bunch of rubies :) thanks for sharing!

u may view mine here, have a happy holidays

concretenprimroses said...

Lovely family photos and commentaries.

nice A said...

scribbler, yes you're here. i'm forever grateful to you.

nice A said...

faye, marice & concretenprimroses, thanks so much for your sweet comments.

Dhemz said...

oh my are so blessed te on is wonderful to look back and remember these moments...thanks for sharing!

kathy said...

Oist kakaiyak naman na I am being recognized by you Miss A! Salamat talaga... I am grateful for the friendship as well... Kahit hindi pa tayo nagkikita ng personal, I feel close to you na... Thanks for sharinf all your candid pictures lalo na the pictures of your beautiful kids... They are so blessed to have parents like you and hubby...


nice A said...

@kathy, you're right. it seems that we've been friends for a long time even if we haven't met yet. i look forward for that eyeball we've been wishing:)

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