Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Treat at Grab-a-Crab with Gensan Bloggers

After my long vacation back home, I've been tied up with backlogs at work. Then my two kids arrived last Saturday to bond with us during this Christmas season. So blogging has to be set aside but I'm now overflowing with loads of thrills waiting to be posted so I've got to borrow some precious moments from dear kids. One great experience I had back home was enjoying my prize from blogging icon Bariles of on his Ultimate Greeting Contest held last November.
I really did enjoy the great selection of food offered by the posh Grab A Crab owned by Mr. Michael Wee, my dear hubby's classmate way back in college, who is now a very successful businessman. He's also the owner of Miso Construction Supplies where I bought most of our materials for our ongoing house construction not only because of my loyalty to his generous sponsorships to Gensan blogging contests but also because of his very reasonable price and good customer service.
It was such a night to remember! Apart from the ride by the very accommodating Avelman around Paskuhan sa Magandang Gensan and the newly launched Plaza Heneral Santos, that was my last dinner in GenSan, the Tuna Capital of the Philippines and the home of the world's unconquered boxing champ, Manny Pacquaio before I flew back to Manila. Most of all, it was my first time to meet face-to-face the famous bloggers in Gensan. That was an eyeball night since we knew each other only in the blogosphere. Here are some of our photos:

Editor Sheng,  MSU Prof. Gilbert Tan (KnowRead-KnoWrite author) and Mr. Orman Manansala (banker con blogger)

Meet the happy bunch of Gensan bloggers! Bariles aka Avelman of, the contest initiator who is also the Media Officer of Gensan City is the guy in orange. The lady in red is my first Gensan blogger friend, Ms. Jinky of Small Steps by Jinky.

Thanks for the wonderful time with you, guys. Miss you all! Hope to see you again.Thanks also for that great dinner courtesy of Grab-a-Crab, my prize sponsor. I miss the sashimi and grilled panga ever!


Dhemz said...

waaaaaaa...kaka envy naman....heheheh! sana next time EB tau sa!

a quick dalaw here te...midnight na kasi dito...hehehe..salamat sa greetings....:) miss to hear from you....:)

anyhow, I would like to greet you and the rest of your family a very Merry Christmas....:)

catch you lateh...mwah!

nice A said...

yes, dhemz, eyeball tayo d2 bangkok soon.sige gawa din ako contest pra may reason kayo pumunta d2. watch out for it early next year.
salamat din sa dalaw kahit midnight na jan.
Merry Christmas to you and your family! Mwahhhh

Dorothy said...

Wow what a wonderful time and so great to intermix with other bloggers.

Have fun, enjoy family and friends because that's what the holidays are really about.

Merry Christmas, thanks for visiting our blog.

Dorothy from grammology

nice A said...

@Dorothy, yes, it was so great intermixing with other bloggers for the first time.
thanks for visiting back as well:)

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