Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Beta Carotene-loaded Salad for Mellow Yellow Monday #4

Hello, dear friends! Back to my blog after a long vacation with lots of fresh experiences and learning worth sharing. One of these is a super healthy food introduced to me by Health Director Dr. Reynald Dela Cruz, my cousin Dr. Eunice's very smart and talented hubby when I stayed at their house during my one-week vacation in Gensan.
It's a very simple recipe but loaded with beta-carotene and other vitamins and high in antioxidant properties. Carrots and pumpkins or squash are organic unlike cabbage which is heavily sprayed with pesticides and nourished with fertilizers so it's not so safe for salads.
I don't even have to share to you the proportion as it may all depend on your preferences. Just shred fresh carrots and raw pumpkin and sprinkle it with raisins. Add a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then garnish it with tomato, lettuce or anything you desire then serve it. Presto, and healthy! Even my picky 10-year old son loves it.
If you're not concerned of fats, calories and cholesterol and you may  want to improve its taste, use mayonnaise or any salad dressing. Yummy but not so healthy.
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CafebyJW said...

Seem very dilicious!

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scribbler said...

Aw, looks so yummy. I might wanna try it sans raisins though.

Yellow Lily in Sicily

kathy said...

Hi Miss A! Welcome back! How was the vacation? Kainggit ka naman.. I'm sorry I took a while to visit back kasi my lappy caught a virus and it crashed on me.. Kainis tlaga!!

Anyway, galing naman nito! Do you need to put some salt and pepper or tlagang olive oil lng? I would like to try kasi...

I'm so glad ur back.. and I missed our chats here in the blog..


nice A said...

Thanks, CafebyJW & scribbler. i'll check out your MYM for this week later. i need to catch up a lot for the 3 weeks that i missed.

nice A said...

kathy, you don't have to add any salt. carrots and pumpkin have their own natural salt. i haven't tried adding pepper. why don't you try it and share us the results? i really like the simplicity of this recipe. it suits a busy working mom & wife like me.

Dhemz said...

oh mama mia...mukhang masarap tong entry mo te...may LO pa ba dyan? dala ako ng rice...eheheh!

we went to a thai resto kahapon...we were not satisfied...eheheh...super mahal pa naman...I think mas mura pa yung chinese!

a quick dalaw here before study...bukas na kasi yung finals ko....")

nice A said...

ganun ba, dhemz?mahal pala jan thai resto?super mura d2.punta na lng kau d2 para kumain ng thai food 2 d max hehehe!
good luck sa exams ha? salamat sa dalaw.

Dhemz said...

hehehe...mahal na mahal te...muntik na kaming makabayad ng 60 bucks...2 entree, 1 appetizer, and 2 glasses of lemonade...waaaaaaaa...kaya d nako babalik not satisfied of the food to be honest...sana nag curry nalang! mas masarap pa siguro ang luto jan....authentic...ehhehe! time mag chinese buffet nalang kami..mura pa...less than 25 bucks for 2 peeps...ehhehe!

my final went great..kampanti ako kasi I worked my butt!

salamat sa dalaw te...daan din me dito...where kau this weekend?

kathy said...

Hi Miss A! Kmzta na po? Merry Christmas!

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