Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Simply Delightful

The actual flower is the plant's highest fulfilment, and are not
here exclusively for herbaria, county floras and plant
geography: they are here first of all for DELIGHT.
-   John Ruskin (

Look at this hornet kissing the flower, sipping its nectar.
Looks like a lovely bridal bouquet at macro.
Looks like a bottlebrush, too.
The buds soon to bloom

It's a shrub.
Anyone knows its name? Is it another family of bottlebrush?
This is the most common weeping bottlebrush flower from a tree, not a shrub. 

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Carletta said...

Such a vivid red!
Love the bouquet picture. :)
Mine’s here: Round The Bend.

nice A said...

@Carletta, thanks so much. I really love that bouquet, too:)

Jama said...

Looks like bottle brush to me,over here they are shrubs planted along the roads.

nice A said...

@Jama, I also thought it belongs to the Bottlebrush family.
Thanks for your visit:)

Patti said...

You found some beautiful ruby reds. Someone else posted a photo of bottle brush last week, that's why I knew what it was. ;-)

I also like the bouquet.

Happy Ruby Tuesday.

Auntie E said...

a great collection of ruby buds.
Happy RT
My Ruby Link for you

nice A said...

@Patti, I'm not so sure though if it's really bottlebrush.
@Auntie E, thanks so much for making it here. Love your kaleidoscope full of rubies, too.

chubskulit said...

That's very beautiful!

My Ruby Tuesday

maryt/theteach said...

Great RED macro shots, nice A! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

gemini said...

Oh, just amazingly beautiful. Happy RT.

Vernz said...

Lovely flowers, we have this one at the back of our ancestral home back in Siquijor...

♥ Kathy said...

What a neat flower! Love that first shot! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Marice said...

i also dont know its name and i havent heard of bottle brush too, well except for the one being in used by mommies hehe but that flower looks pretty interesting and i think is great for RT! :)

u may view mine here

nice A said...

@Mary, I'm so grateful for your meme. I have found so much fun in it and the drive to further improve my photography.
@chubskulit and gemini, thanks for being here again. Happy RT, too!

nice A said...

@Vernz, glad to know we have it in the Philippines. I will look for it there someday.
@Kathy, thanks a lot for your nice comment.
@Marice, I learned bottlebrush through RT as well. Yes, I thought it's a bottlebrush family member because it looks like the one mummies use for cleaning baby's bottle, hehehe!
Thanks to all of you for making my day.

Marice said...

hi sis.. my kiddo is 2 yr old :)

Tetcha said...

Delightful indeed! I tried adding again this link to my "Mommy Blogs." It's there alright, but the same message (cannot detect feedback for this URL) appears.

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