Friday, March 19, 2010

Kids' Learning Adventures

TGIF! And fellow mummies, here we are again with this week's interesting topic - field trips. 
Learning is not gained from the four-cornered room alone. One of the most effective ways of learning is by exploration. That is, learning-by-doing or in the form of field trips where kids get to see or experience the real thing. We're lucky that our kids' school organizes field trips every year. I remember that last year, they went to Manila's most visited sites for field trippers such as Museo Pambata, Enchanted Kingdom, Manila Planetarium, Malabon Zoo, etc., but I didn't have the chance to be on vacation that time so I don't have their pictures with those trips with me. I'd rather post some of their field trip photos taken last December, 2009 at Subic Bay, Olongapo City and Clark, Pampanga when it was timed that I was at home.  I also included here some photos of a few of our family trips as they achieve the same objective as school-arranged trips - learning and, of course, enjoying and relaxing.

Here's my daughter at Ocean Adventure. I posted some of the wonderful aquarium creatures I took photos of before. You may want to check it out here.

My son enjoys the dolphin show here. He said, although the dolphin show he saw at Safari World in Bangkok is more sophisticated, he loves the environment of these dolphins here being their own niche, not cultured. Hmmm, at least, at his young age, he knows about the endangered lives of these species.

 They did not only enjoy the numerous exciting rides at Felicidades (did I spell it right?) in Clark but also the very educational tour at Nayong Pilipino. On the photo is the replica of the historical Barasaoin Church. They also had a tour around the interesting houses of the past presidents and heroes such as Emilio Aguinaldo, Jose Rizal and a lot more.
 And they were also able to see one of our aborigines, the Aetas, at Nayong Pilipino so that they don't read them only in books.

I couldn't show all the interesting photos of their trip such as the show at the Eco Theater which includes tips on how to survive in the jungle such as cooking rice and egg using bamboos and making fire even without a match or a lighter by using just bamboos. They also integrated concern for the environment campaign in all their shows which I liked the most in this field trip. That made it truly educational for me as they learned that they could not go on enjoying the wonderful creatures and places they have seen if they don't take care of Mother Earth.

Check out this video showing the Sea Lion Show which incorporates Save the Environment campaigns.

Here are some photos of our family field trips where they have gained much knowledge from.
Seeing the real Petronas Twin Towers (Guess who's older?:)
 Feeding the doves
 and the giraffes
Riding a cable car
Experiencing the snow
Going to the ruined palace in Ayudhya
Getting inside a royal or king's palace

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Jes said...

wow nice fieldtrip gurl! =) mukhang ganda!!! =))san yang ocean adventure n yan? nd esa manila yan ryt? sa subic b yan ehehhe nweis thnks for dropping by

nice A said...

@Jes, Ocean Adventure is in Subic Bay. Luckily, they keep the dolphins within the bay itself so it's good for them. They are protected from the dolphin hunters. They are caged though. Thanks for stopping by, sis:)

STEF said...

I too would love to experience that sealion interaction, hehe! My daughter said wow!

Dhemz said...

wow! ang saya-saya....may bitbit pang jolibee....eheheeh!

oh mama mia...sarap ng mango float!

bongga ng trip nila te ano....mine is up too....:)

musta po pala kau jan? san kau this weekend?

nice A said...

@Stef, thanks for your daughter's liking the sea lion show. It's too short though. I appreciate your time stopping by.
@Dhemz, hehehe, takot magutuman yang anak kong yan:) where are we this weekend? stay at home. scared to go out sa gulo ngayon dito. gumawa ka ng mango float? gagawa din siguro ako ulit bukas.
salamat sa dalaw, dadalaw din ako sau ngayon.

simply kim said...

great photos! thanks for sharing.. haven't been in Ocean Adventure myself, nor have my kids...

nice A said...

@simply kim, it's a good place to take our kids to especially when the bats are on their usual place.they're such a great sight to be appreciated by our kids. we saw them at another place where they migrated last december but sad to say we weren't able to get some photos. they looked like fruits of the trees they were hanging on. Thanks for stopping by:)

yami said...

Wow you've been too so many places. Very educational for the kids ang mga trip na yan. :)

Clarissa said...

That's so nice for the kids to be able to experience the sealion inter-action.Nilamig ba sila of the snow.Did they enjoy the cold?

Thanks for dropping by while I was away.Great photos!!

Chris said...

great adventures for your kids! :) i had a blast looking at their pictures!

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