Saturday, March 6, 2010

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: An Effective Home Remedy Partner

The term "first aid" refers to the provision of initial care for an injury or illness before it gets worse. So it doesn't include only accidents but also illnesses. Some minor illnesses or injuries don't require medical care or hospitalization if the first aid applied completely treats the problem. With effective home remedies, we save money by avoiding to rush to the hospital or clinic right away if we know what to do and we have them readily available.
In my previous post entitled The Healing Wonders of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), I discussed how it healed my worsening ingrown nail without having minor surgery as advised by the doctor. I'd like to share other uses of this versatile home partner.  Known for its high antioxidant properties, much higher than the ordinary olive oil, it is used for home remedies without the aid of medical practitioner's expertise. So, moms like me, here are what EVOO is for why we need to have it at home not only for our pastas and salads:
Skin rashes 
I used it for my baby when he got skin rashes after he was treated with phototherapy for jaundice right after his birth and since then I've been using it constantly for him instead of lotion. Thanks to good friend, June Baguio, who introduced it to us.We tried many remedies including creams prescribed by doctors but they all didn't work. Lactacyd worked for him only with EVOO as with it alone, it would dry the skin. Also when diaper or heat rash starts to develop, we apply EVOO on the affected area right away and it wonderfully works quickly.
When my baby gets constipated, we apply his irritated or strained anus with a generous amount.  The first time he got constipated, we didn't apply anything so the next day when he pooped I could not bear the way he suffered the pain of his wound. So the next time he had constipation, I tried applying EVOO right away and, alas,  he never suffered again the next day.
Wounds, insect bites, minor burns, bruises and itchiness
We also use it on minor wounds, insect bites, minor burns, itchiness and bruises and is very effective. It is gentle as water so babies and kids don't cry or complain when applied. It's also very good to wipe out the scars. So it's good for everyone.
Now, you may ask how much it costs. The one I usually buy in the Philippines at the imported section is only about PhP130 (250 ml) or about $2.5 and it lasts long. I can use any brand but Bertolli doesn't have strong smell although it's a bit more expensive.
Our new first aid kit
So aside from our usual family first aid kit that contains Betadine, gauze bandage and plaster for cuts and wounds, Paracetamol/Ibuprofen and Pure Siang Oil for migraine/headaches and pains, Manzanilla and Mylom for baby's flatulence, AirX and other antacids for stomach problems, Iliadin for stuffy nose, and other basic first aid stuffs, EVOO is the new indispensable aid we have at home here in Thailand and in the Philippines. It's an all-around housemate.

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scribbler said...

Talaga namang sobrang pagka impressed yan sa EVOO at may brand pa heheh... But I think Bertolli is from Spain although the name suggests Italian-ish kasi nga mas sikat ang Italian EVOO and they are usually more expensive. (Ssshhh syempre Italian ang asawa ko eh heheh)

Anyway, please also read The Healing Miracles of Virgin Coconut Oil by Bruce Fife (winks)

nice A said...

@scribbler, we're advocates of natural or alternative meds, aren't we ? pareho nating ayaw ng mga sythetic meds hanggat maaari.
ay sorry di ko pinapansin yang mga brand na yan if spanish or italian. kahit ano basta nakakagamot. hehehe! mawalang galang na kay francesco mo. it's all because we've been using it as a daily lotion for jako since we discovered its effectiveness so we looked for the brand that doesn't have strong smell.

I think VCO is also effective as many studies have claimed but I haven't tried it yet. It's EVOO that was readily available here in Bangkok when it was recommended by a friend the time I had a problem with my baby (then later with my ingrown nail). I could have tried it. But let me experiment on that when I'm home where VCO abounds. Siyempre if kasinggaling, tangkilikin ang sariling atin di ba?

Chris said...

wow... thanks for these tips about EVOO...

nice A said...

@chris, my pleasure. thanks also for hosting this meme for moms. I hope I can join regularly.

Ellen Joy said...

I didn't know that VCO could do this much. Thanks for sharing mommy! :)

nice A said...

@Ellen Joy, it's EVOO but I believe VCO may be as effective as well. Thanks for the visit.

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