Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh, my sushi and kimchi!

I love sukiyaki (hotpot) and sushi ( both Japanese food). What about you?
 Here's a variety at Hot Pot.

Salads and hotpot (sukiyaki) vegetables, meat and fish - eat all you can!
Healthier choices here. More salads - minus the dressing for me. I and hubby love kimchi (Korean pickled vegetables, usually Chinese cabbage and/or cucumber).

And here's a lot of options for bottomless drinks. I like punch juice most.
Hey, Pochae! Why do you look so worried while eating your ice-cream? Afraid of gaining weight before your wedding this summer? Hahaha! This is what we get by paying 217 baht (about $6.5) on Wednesday's 25% off promo. Eat all the worth of your money. It's just once in a while, anyway. I'd like to thank my nice Thai friends, Pochae and Mo, for introducing me to HotPot when we went to Pattaya. It's now my favorite buffet here in Bangkok because of its wide varieties of international food and its presentation as well.

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Life Ramblings said...

what a delicious spread. :) i love sushi too.

Carletta said...

Love the graphics on the pot in the first photo.
Not a fan of sushi myself.

Thanks for your visit. Have a great week!

Rebecca said...

I love those little red boats! How cute. But I am not a fan of sushi.

Patti said...

Those red boat serving dishes are really cute. I've had sushi a few times. It's OK. I have friends who absolutely love it.

Happy Ruby Tuesday and thanks for visiting me!

Dimple said...

Makes me hungry to see this!
Thanks for the visit!

Dhemz said...

waaaaaa.....kimchi! had it when we went to korea...first time ko naka try and I love it!....pass muna ako sa sushi...ehehhe!

Jem @ jemsrecipes said...

HI Mrs Nice! Long time no visit here. I have been busy as well. I've got a new blog taking all my time but it's all worth it.
Anyway, I'm trying to learn to make vegetarian sushi. I tried to make kim pop but was not very successful. I think I didn't have the right kind of rice.
By the way, for a healthier salad try using only extra virgin olive oil and a squeeze of lemon, Yumm!!

nice A said...

@Jem, thanks for coming here after 10 years! hahaha! yeah, i've tried EVOO as salad dressing with lemon with Ate Myrns. it's good but not used to it, you know. but if i want to stay healthy, it should always be my choice.
will visit your new blog later. i'm also planning to make a new blog all about health including alternative meds. wanna chat w/ you soon. miss yah!

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