Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine's Day everyday?

It's Valentine's Day everyday for this couple even at their golden age.
I and hubby were so impressed of this young at heart couple for being soooo sweet on the escalator. Although I would say that it's not necessary for me and hubby to show our affection publicly, the point here is, will we ever still be staying close to each other when we reach their age and beyond? My answer is definitely "yes" if we consider everyday as Valentine's Day. 
It's Marriage Monday hosted by e-mom of Chrysallis and I'd like to share what e-mom calls "the big or little things that make our marriage sing like a fine-tuned violin" despite all its ups and downs and challenges. 
Of course, like any other couples, we have casual chats everyday usually at the end of the day, during dinner time or before bedtime. It has also become a ritual for us to call each other on the phone during work breaks simply to share a secret, excitement or annoyance, to ask how one is doing, what one has for lunch or just share even silly things sometimes, lol, like we're really best of friends. Kissing? Yes, apart from private kissing (of course!), we have this daily ritual whenever one of us leaves or arrives. So even if one is busy in the computer or in the middle of doing something when one arrives, he/she must pause for a while to greet with a kiss.
Another bonding time for us is when dear hubby asks me to fix his tucked in top and his necktie when he goes to work every morning. Even if I don't feel like getting up yet sometimes, I must have to perform it. One great thing dear hubby shows his love on a daily basis is the way he shares responsibilities not only by providing the family's needs but by sharing household chores such as cleaning, cooking and most especially taking care of the kids.  We don't let our babies sleep with nannies, so we take care of them at night-time. Since I have insomnia, I'm very grateful hubby has all the strength and skills in putting baby to bed, change nappies and feed him even if it means waking up several times at night for him. How can we drive each other towards the bedroom if we are both (or either is) stressed or unhappy? Now we have the third fruit of our love and we happily share taking care of him after nanny's turn. We also both love to cook each other's favorite food especially on the weekend and we usually go out for a dinner date once in a while. It is said that the stomach is close to man's heart:) The bottomline is, let's keep romance sparking to get rid of marriage boredom like if we always do the same thing in making love, it all becomes boring, doesn't it? So spice marriage life up with some surprises at times as rituals may just become boring, too.
To sum up, the ties that bond us not only on Valentine's Day but everyday include nurturing our love together by satisfying each other's marital needs, doing something good for each other even if we don't feel like doing it, communicating with each other on a regular basis, sharing responsibilities, initiating gimmicks and surprises and growing together in our marriage.
Above all, we seek God's guidance everyday in our lives for a lifetime blissful and fulfilling marriage.
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MiPa said...

Lovely post. Bless you for sharing.

gemini said...

Just do the romantic stuffs's conditioning and it will just come automatically. I also want to grow romantically old. Thanks for this post.

April said...

Very thoughtful post! Love the picture of the couple on the escalator.

Susan said...

Oh how sweet. It's obvious you guys love each other so much.

Thanks for joining us today.

So nice to meet you♥

Denise said...

Really nice post.

Joyfull said...

Very sweet post! Thank you for sharing some practical ways to keep that Valentine's Day love alive everyday!

e-Mom said...

It's pure delight to read about your love! You two definitely know what to do to stave off boredom. Aren't you blessed? I imagine you'll make it to old age together in style, like that sweet couple on the elevator.

Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today, Nice A. (((Hugs)))

e-Mom :~D

Julie The Surrendered Scribe said...

I especially loved about helping him with the tie. It could seem like a chore, but you choose to make it a Valentine every day. Wonderful perspective!

Anonymous said...

May God grant you many years to grow old together and find joy in putting your spouse's needs above your own.

tonya said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Loved the picture. Thanks for sharing your heart.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Very sweet nyo naman sis! Na-inlive tuloy ako while reading your post... Sensya na tlaga, alam mo na stage mom.... Busy tlaga for fifi's 1st bday...


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