Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dead Trees and Sunset

     I don't know but I'm always fascinated with dead, dying or leafless trees so I always take pictures of them. But this narra tree isn't dead. There's a season that it looks dead when all its leaves have fallen but it simply rejuvenates. There are times when we are like the narra tree. It's also wonderful to note that narra wood is very hard and strong and has an attractive reddish shiny finish yet it's not the best for furniture as it cracks in the long run. Perhaps, it's one good reason why the late President Manuel L. Quezon wrote, "Grow and be like a molave", the taller and older, the stronger it becomes. It's consistent - unlike the narra that cracks later and becomes leafless at times. We can still learn from narra  though that even if it's left leafless at times, it still thrives. What a hope for rejuvenation!

Dead tree and the crimson sunset in Baguio
A lonely tree on the denuded hill at sunset (also in Baguio)

You are the child of the universe
No less than the trees and the stars
You have the right to be here.

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Dimple said...

Leafless trees that are resting for a season are hope to me. The last shot is beautiful!
Thanks for coming by!

♥ Kathy said...

very pretty...Happy Ruby Tuesday

scribbler said...

Dead trees? dami nyan dito lalo na ngayon heheh...akala ko Narra is strong and enduring hindi pala? Bakit di na lang Molave ang national tree natin? Bakit Narra?

nice A said...

@Dimple and Kathy, thanks for your kind comment.

nice A said...

@scribbler, cge kuha ng shots sa mga dead trees jan. at bakit nga naging narra ang national tree natin di na lng molave? di ko rin alam, hehehe!

nuts said...

oh really? i didnt facts about narra tree that it cracks in the long run.. thanks for sharing this.. love this meme, might join here next week..

gleenn said...

wow! lovely photos, very inspiring :)

Dhemz said...

love the last photo te....a great place to muni-muni...hehehehe!

thanks for sharing the info about narra tree....:)

hahhaha..natatawa ako sa comment mo te...honga eh, na guilty nga!

buti sau can keep it for life....:)

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