Sunday, May 23, 2010

A simple but fun birthday bash amidst the political crisis

Happy Monday, everyone! Thanks God the tension here is finally over. And even if I'm busy,  I don't want to completely miss the fun with you, guys, so I want to keep up as long as I have the time. It's Mellow Yellow Monday time again and I have lots of yellows here on my baby's 1st birthday held recently. Sorry though for the not so good quality of some photos here as I entrusted my digicam to someone not so familiar with its features when I was very busy hosting the party.

I love sharing this jelly with sliced fresh mango. Oh, so yummy!  Along with more dishes courtesy of the ever-generous Tita Myrns, a guesthouse manager. If you want a very convenient but very affordable place (apartelle style conveniently located) to stay when you're in Bangkok, just let me know. Well, the unrest was just temporary as generally, Bangkok is a very peaceful place, making it a haven for tourists.

His cake was made by the ever jolly Ninang Lee Ann, who just finished a very expensive baking course at the world's renowned La Cordon Bleu.
Oooopppss, that's yellow watermelon forefronted, close to the kids' all-time party fave, hotdog or sausage on stick. Well, the green dish is buko-pandan, courtesy of Ninang Tess (below, in red). She bought most of its ingredients from Pinas except the young coconut (buko) and milk, of course. So it's a taste of home. Sooo grateful as well to SIL Edna, in black shirt holding the baby for sponsoring so many dishes here. I'm so blessed for having many nice friends around sponsoring this and that voluntarily.

 Amidst the political crisis here during my son's birthday, we're very glad everyone still showed up and had fun, at least.

The kids enjoy opening baby's gift.

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CafebyJW said...

What a big party! Happy Birthday to your kid.

Let's believe that the politic crisis will ease up by now.. wish with me :)

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RoseBelle said...

Happy birthday to your little boy! May he grow up healthy, compassionate, and strong! The jello mango looks so yummy!

I'm glad the tensions are over and I hope Thailand will recover from this internal conflicts. Take care over there!

Dhemz said...

my gosh...nag 1 na pala si baby jacko! wohooo...way to go.....:)

my golly...daming yummy! eye catching yong jelly with mango mo te....never had that before.....:) my MYM entry is on my dias spot...ehehehe!

glad to know ala na gulo jan sa inyo....musta pala ang weekend nyo jan te? kelan pala alis ng mga bata....

salamat sa dalaw and comments te ha...sensya na po at ngayon lang me ulit nakabalik...have a good one!

Vernz said...

wow, saan man sa mundo pinoy na pinoy... overflowing ang pagkain... LOL... I love the end part opening of gifts... ahahahah!

Love them all, children;s birthdays are always what moms look forward too...

Good Day Nice ... have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Happy first birthday to your baby boy :) It looks like a great party sis. The food looks delicious!

Yes, you got my bdate correct hehe. Thank you! Buti pala tapos na yung crisis dyan. I know its not as worse but stay safe :)

Tetcha said...

That's a very lovely birthday party for Jako! From the looks on their faces, everybody seemed to have a lot of fun! Belated happy birthday to your little one!

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