Sunday, November 8, 2009

Getting together with Pinoy community in Bkk

Last Saturday, dear hubby served as "ninong" in a child dedication or to Catholics called as christening. As becoming now a common practice to hold the dedication on the child's first birthday to be more practical on one-time spending for such a memorable event, our friends here in Bangkok (Bkk) also do the same. So the celebration for both the dedication and the birthday of our dear Parsley, the second daughter of our neighbor friends, was held last Sunday. Dear hubby wasn't only a ninong (godfather or sponsor) but also a chef. He cooked the specialties he is known for here and back home - kaldereta (beefstew) and pinapaitang kambing (goat's liver and other internal organs).

                                          Kids first!
Well, it's good that we have such a growing Pinoy community in here with kids around. What life would be overseas if there's no salo-salo (get-together) during occasions like this? So we're not missing the kaldereta, adobo, kare-kare, pancit, lumpia, tinolang native chicken,  buko (young coconut meat) salad, kakanin (native desserts) and other Filipino food as we share them here with kababayans during special occasions or even if we just feel like getting together. Most of all, we keep our Filipino traditions and culture not just in terms of food but also of the joy of sharing, bonding and helping each other which we want our children here abroad to keep.


e-Mom said...

That looks like a fabulous feast with your friends and family. Do I see watermelon in the foreground?

Thanks for visiting Chrysalis. I hope you contribute a post for Marriage Monday on Nov. 30.


e-Mom @ Chrysalis

scribbler said...

Wow, I miss that one especially the kaldereta yumm!!

Dhemz said...

oh mama gosh...gutom tuloy ako dito sa prep ng bday/binyag....:)

woi te, ano yung tinusok...hotdog ba yon? iba kasi ang kulay...ehhehheeh!

mukhang madami ata ang pinoy jan te ah..matagal na ba kau sa BKK?

nice A said...

e-Mom, yes, it's watermelon. It's not season for rambutan, mangosteen, lanzones, durian, etc. this time.
sure, i'll contribute a post for Marriage on Monday the 30th.

nice A said...

scribbler, bakasyon ka dito at ipagluto ka ni kuya mo ng eat-all-you-can na kaldereta. at ipaghanda kita ng somtam dadamihan ko ang sili, hehehe!

nice A said...

yes, hotdog yan ever! di nawawala sa kiddie party basta pinoy. ganyan hotdog nila dito kulay brown or flesh, not red.
at oo marami-rami na rin kaming mga ofw dito kaya masaya.

Khim said...

hmmmm...pinoy always masarap....

nice A said...

yes, khim, da best pa rin siyempre ang lutong pinoy para sa atin!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

after christening
a table groaning with food
welcomes all the guests

My Mellow Yellow

nice A said...

wow, whatta poet in you Magical Mystical Teacher!

Anney said...

Dami talaga maghanda ng pinoy! nagutom naman ako dito.

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