Friday, November 20, 2009

Is Eat-All-You-Can Healthy?

Buffets abound in Thailand where food is so cheap. There's the 99 Baht (about $3.0) eat-all-you-can where you can enjoy grilling or cooking anything that you want such as chicken, pork, shrimps and wide varieties of vegetables. For desserts, you may choose from the enticing array of fresh fruits and local "kanom" (desserts) or local home-made ice-cream. But my favorite buffet is Sizzler as I can savor its cream of mushroom soup and irresistible salads.

You may want to order just salads including soups, noodles, fruits, desserts and a toast for only 149 baht (about $4.0). But if you order their main dish, you get all these for free. It has healthy choices of vegetables and fruits and great selections of salads such as Waldorf, Asian Potato, Roasted Pumpkin, Vegetable Pesto and many more.

But to answer the question, is it healthy to eat buffet? To me, it depends. Most people I've asked think that when they go to dine at a buffet, they want to get the value of their money by binging on lots of food as much as they can. They go home bloated and the bad thing is some go sleep right away. For sure, this is not healthy as it will punish the digestive system and push the kidneys too much to filter the unwanted wastes especially if you eat too much fatty and cholesterol-loaded food especially meat, seafood and even salads. 

Salad may sound healthy but not at all. Yes, the vegetables are healthy but the dressings do the tricks making the taste so good but remember that the more tasty the food is, the more it is loaded with fats and cholesterol. So, don't get deceived with the enticing salads camouflaged as healthy food. The more dressing such as mayonnaise it has, the more unhealthy it is. Don't binge too much on these palatable salads disguised as healthy food. Instead, binge more on naturally prepared food such as fresh fruits and vegetables without dressings. So if I fascinate to dine at Sizzler, this is what I eat more to make me feel full right away and avoid binging on too much salads, which I love so much.

The main point is, eat moderately even in buffets.


kathy said...

Here again Miss A! The buffet there is really cheap and based on the pics you posted, it's not bad. I mean I could not taste it but it looks palatable. I do agree though that we all have the misconception of salad. We think as long as it's called a salad, it's healthy but like you said as long as it has a dressing such as ranch or thousand island or anything with mayo, it is high in calories.

We have been trying to avoid buffet places now because it really tempts you to go back and try the other foods you didn't eat yet. The ending, bloated and close to puking.. ewww...

Just dropping by before I go sleep dear... Goodnight to me.. LOL

Dhemz said...

my golly gosh gosh....super cheap talaga ang food nila te ano...dito yung regular buffet is 10.99 and up....

am drooling right gosh....I really wanted to travel to Thailand someday....ipon muna ako ng maraming!

scribbler said...

Wow, miss ko na yan grabe. I used to be always bloated whenever I went to those type of resto in Bkk. But I really enjoyed it.
Anyway, having learned more about food combination, I prefer buffet because I can choose what I eat. Unfortunately having a sensitive stomach I easily get bloated. Not really trying to row my own canoe but my point is it depends on the individual's discretion. One more thing I have just read a book called "Eat Right 4 Your Type" where the author outlines what food is best for each blood type. So now I don't get bloated because I know what food my stomach can handle in small and large quantities.

nice A said...

kathy, thanks a lot for your thoughts. sorry for not visiting you busy packing up. alis na po ako mamaya.

nice A said...

dhemz, yes food here is so cheap.sure, you're welcome here. join my contest soon so that you will win free accommodation and tour arrangement, hehehe! sigurado manalo ka kc grabe ka mag-comment. too premature to announce, pero malakas ka kc sa akin eh, hehehe!

nice A said...

scribbler, i was sure you would like this post. you're the one who introduced Sizzler to me.
Yeah, i read you post at e-zine about food combination. Hope you can share that book or I can find it anywhere.
btw, i'm leaving na tonight and be there for 3 weeks so dec14 pa balik ko.

Ladybird said...

This looks awesome!

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