Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cool fountains here and there

The cooling fountain and the clear, blue sky
on a lovely Sunday morning
Cheering up the family bonding
taking a walk together at a park nearby.

Behold the ripples!
Circling the sparkling fountain
Coconuts, palms, shrubs, trees and flowers around
All so refreshing to the passersby.

This one at Suanthon Park's entrance
Small but in a perfect shape
Greeting the joggers and families
Even the lovers and friends.

A boy awaits
for the water to stop flowing
to run across
that he won't get wet.

'Tis a cool sight to behold
amidst the crowded city's hustles and bustles 
Even tourists at Siam Paragon are waiting
to capture an image when the waters fully rise.

Does the bare-footed lady make it or miss it?
As she gambles even if she gets wet
Running across at the wrong time
She doesn't mind as long as she's refreshed from heat.

Now, which one is your fountain?
(I took the first three photos at the 63 acre Suanthon Park between our condo and my university. I captured the last three at Siam Paragon on the the busy Sukhumvit Road in downtown Bangkok, where "farangs" (foreigners) usually flock.


kathy said...

Have a safe trip Miss A! Hope you will be safe and hope you will enjoy ur little vacation...

e-Mom said...

There's nothing like running through a public fountain on a hot day! I like the small one at Suanthon Park's entrance best. :~D

scribbler said...

Wow perfect shots! Who took them? Anyway, I miss watching them especially the ones in Siam Paragon

nice A said...

thanks, kathy and e-Mom for making it here.

nice A said...

I took all these photos, scribbler! wala ka bang beliv sakin?hehehe!!!

FaYe said...

wow! nice pictures! did you take the pictures, they are very nice?

nice A said...

Thanks, faye. yes, i took those photos myself. i love photography.

Dhemz said...

oh my....sarap maglaro under the fountain...ehhehee!

thanks for sharing the photos te....:) great shots though....

sensya na po at ngayon lang po ako naka balik..busy sa skul kanina...ehehehhe!

salamat po sa dalaw at comment ha....san kaba sa atin te?

kelan yung alis mo?

scribbler said...

uy bat di lumalabas yong reply ko? I said, ayan mana ka na rin sa akin hahah!!! honestly, I think you're getting so much better than me. I remember when we went to phuket puro tabingi ang picture ko hahaha!!

nice A said...

oo dhemz sarap maglaro tingnan mo ang daming naglalaro na "farangs" (foreigners) at wala sila pakialam.

nice A said...

oo nga bakit di lumabas? may reply ka pala?saan kaya napunta? thanks anyways. hilig ko tlga photography ever since. at alam mo i've learned from my photography guru, the one who took the taxis for my other blog says, you don't have to center everything. it all depends on the what you want to emphasize and angle you want to show best. whic i agree! so magaling ka pa rin hehehe!

gleenn said...

great photos for great fountains. awesome captures ;) i remember a psychology test using fountains.

Lina Gustina said...

Great pictures! I love all of them...

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