Friday, October 16, 2009

Beach or Pool?

This is such a very beautiful sight to behold from a high-rise hotel! Sooooo relaxing, isn't it? But can you notice the oil spills lining this beach? It's mainly caused by banana boats, the tractors that carry them to the beach and some jet-skis. Who should be blamed for this place's destruction?

This photo was taken by my then 10 year-old daughter, JD, from our room on the 19th Floor of Nusa Playa Hotel, a 5-star hotel in Jomtien, Pattaya during our department retreat in summer 2008 . Because of the oil spill, we didn't allow our kids to go swimming here as advised by our Thai friends.Tsk!Tsk! So they just enjoyed swimming at the hotel's pool on the 5th Floor (shown on photo below taken by Josh).
It's choosing between nature and man-made. But what better choice is left? Mom and dad know better so sorry to our kids for being KJ (kill joy): in not allowing them to contract possible skin, lung problems, etc. from this polluted beach. Poor new generations...
Have a great weekend everyone!


scribbler said...

Okay, ganda ng shot parang pro.

kandi said...

Hi Miss A! Wow! This is a pretty place. Sana someday we would be able to visit Thailand.. Anyway, sensya na po mtagal na akong hindi bumisita. Fifi is sick, she has congestion and fever, so she can't sleep good, and that means, I can't sleep at all... I'm a walking zombie now... I already have a doctor's appointment this coming Monday for her. I am getting sick as well, having sore throat right now.. It's probably coz the weather is change=ing here, it's getting cold..

Just dropping by here while I can.

nice A said...

of course, dear, i understand that fifi should be your priority. blogging can wait:) take care of yourself as well. i know how it feels when the baby is sick. take time to rest.
thanks for your comment. yes, pls tell me if you wanna visit thailand and we can show you around. it's really a great tour destination - i can guarantee that!
hope fifi and you will get well soon! God bless.

Dhemz said...

OMGosh! that's a great scene to unwind....sarap dyan mag chilax....heheheh...chill and!

wish to go there someday...kaya lang wala pera eh...hehehe!

salamat pala sa dalaw sa comment din...ingat po!

nice A said...

sure dhemz, just tell me if you and your family wanna come. i'll be happy to show you around. saby kayo nila kandi hehehe! para meeting of virtual friends, eyeball kung baga:)
totoo, sarap don mag-chilax.

gleenn said...

that first photo tells of a potential photographer, lol. i commend the subject of this post. you're right, there aren't any choices left for the kids these days but to content themselves with the manmade over nature.

hayyy, i discovered some bad news today, i lost my PR2 sa fashion blog due to laziness. you know, didn't think it would totally sucks. well, new lesson to learn, hehehe.

nice A said...

thanks gleenn, both jd and josh have the heart and hand for photography. i should have posted their pix here just taking photos at the beach instead of swimming but i don't want to highlight them here, lol.
tsk!tsk! anyway you can easily regain your hard-earned PR.kaw pa!

Dhemz said...

Hello te, salamat sa dalaw..sensya now lang me naka balik...busy ang life line ko eh...hehehhe!

nako sana...pag manalo ako sa lotto...punta kami jan....ang kaso, d ako tumataya! :)

anyhow, nag skul pala ako dito...planning to get into the nursing program...have to start from scratch...kasi yung degree ko sa pinas....0 value ata dito sa tate...kakainis nga...

pero oks lang...d naman ako nagmamadali...tsaka I have a lil one rush naman pagdating sa work...importante kumakain kami 3x a!

musta pala ang weekend nyo?

chubskulit said...

Hello Ms. A, got here from Kandi's page. I love looking at beaches but I'd rather swim in the pool hehehe. That's a stunning sight, and your daughter did a great job taking the photo!

Follow ko na tong blog mo para updated ako sa post mo..

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scribbler said...

You should have tried jetskiing there it's sooo much fun. I wouldn't recommend swimming in any of Pataya beaches either. They're only good for jetskiing.

daya naman eh ako unang nagcomment ala reply :'(

eunice said...

chubskulit, thanks for adding. i already added you back. i also visited your websites and they're great. hope i can still vote for your cute daughter.good luck to her!

eunice said...

hi scribbler! sorry tlga dear pero doon ako nag-comment sa posts mo hehehe!lam mo gusto ko nga mag-banana boat at jetski mga bata ayaw tlga ni kuya mo nole.hayyy as in kj tlga!!!siguro if kasama ka papayag yon dahil depende yon kung sino nagku-convince sa kanya.when ba kayo bakasyon dito ni france mo?

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