Thursday, October 15, 2009

Debaters as environmentalists and future leaders

A Sikh debater pointing out his arguments on the motion "This house would control vehicles"
to help solve the
global environmental crisis.

As I see my university debaters wrangle with words and wit and come up with the best alternatives in solving problems on any issues affecting them such as environmental problems, it makes me more inspired to go on with my yearly debate workshop even if it drains all my energy and eats up much of my time.
Brainstorming during the workshop
It's so rewarding molding students to become responsible citizens and worthy leaders in the future being able to give alternative ways to solve big issues. Letting them see the bigger picture and both sides of the issue lead them to better perspectives in solving problems. Here are some examples of the motions they debate on using the All-Asians Parliamentary Style:
1. This house would regulate the use of crops for the bio-fuel.
2. This house believes that nuclear energy is the solution to the climate crisis.
3. This house would use economic incentives to reduce the energy consumption of corporations.

Heavy topics, aren't they? But these are national level debate championship tournament's motions. They also debate on light motions such as "This house would landfill the Emerald Pond (in front of KMUTT which is a niche for turtles, fish and beautiful lilies, lotus etc.).
KMUTT Team B who won National Rookie Level Champion in the 5th European Union-Thailand Intervarsity Championships ask for a POI (Point of Information) together during the preliminary round.


Dhemz said...

congrats to the winners...heheheh! dalaw me dito mami dear....:) salamat pala sa comment...ingat!

nice A said...

thanks din dhemz...balik ka ulit. muztah exams mo tapos na ba? buti ka dami mo pa rin time sa blogging kahit ikaw ay full-time mom, wife & student rolled in one. pls tell me ur secret, dear hehehe!

gleenn said...

oh, i just missed our senior debaters. they'd really grown a lot. congrats for the success of this year's debate exhibition ;)

nice A said...

Yes, they've grown a lot, gleenn. I'm sending Pop and Kaew to Asian British Parliamentary Debate this Nov just before I go home to Pinas.

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