Thursday, October 29, 2009

Support hotel campaigns to save the Earth

Nice to be back to my blog once again. Sorry friends for not visiting you for a while as I was out of town. While at the hotel, I noticed this note that supports my campaign to save the environment. Since I promised that I blog this month with the touch of "Save the Earth" campaign I do commend all hotels who have this reminder:

We don't change our bedding and towels at home DAILY, do we? So we must be concerned as well when we stay at a hotel. If we don't see this sign or note, let's tell the lobby or the housekeepers not to change our bedding and towels. In this way, we can help save energy, water and detergent and not add to the pollution we can cause in producing them.
Another big help we can do when we stay at the hotel is to turn off all the lights and air-conditioners if we leave our room. Some people reason out that they want to get back into their room cold right away. But think of the energy we waste as we go out for many hours. Our little discomfort cannot surmount the suffering we will have in the future if we don't do something NOW to protect our environment from destruction.
I'm glad to see the hotel we stayed in Chiangmai in the north of Thailand for using automatic key-card. Many hotels are using it now so that when the customers go out, they need to take their magnetic key not only to lock their door but also to turn off the energy source right away. It's beneficial to both hotel management for saving energy and to the environment as well.


Dorothy L said...

What a great thought. Although when I stay in a hotel....I am more worried about them not actually washing the sheets between customers and just smoothing them out :)

nice A said...

Yes, D, that will also make me worry if hotels don't change sheets between customers. The damage will be more in that case. We don't know what we can contract from the previous customers. But we can smell it or notice if they just smooth it out.
Thanks for your great comment.

Anonymous said...

Hats off to you Miss A! You always find ways to help save the environment in your own little way...

nice A said...

Thanks, dear abbey. all of us must do something to save the Earth even in our own little ways.

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