Thursday, April 1, 2010

Moving Up Independently

It's Friday again and it's Mommy Moment's time with the topic - Moving Up!
As OFW parents, being far from our growing kids is a lot of sacrifice. But if we see them just doing well and moving up in all aspects of their development, we worry less. One big reward they give us is when they have some achievements, even just little ones. For example, we feel happy that our 10-year old boy who is not the studious-type although gifted with natural wit and special inclination in science and technology, can now do well in practical stuffs, acting like a big man (being the only male)in the house, such as fixing the lights, operating any mechanical and electronic gadgets at home, following complicated directions and manuals and cooking for himself and for his ate.
Sorry, Chris, but I won't be limiting my post on events of just the few weeks as I want to cover a longer term kids' development. Last year, hubby did go home to attend our daughter's graduation and he was a proud dad to go up on stage to put on his eldest's medal being the class salutatorian and Leader of the Year. At least, for both OFW parents, that's very fulfilling especially with our circumstances not being around with our kids for 9 months every year. She did everything on her own without any tutor (I wanna cry!) or help to do her homework and projects and to review her for exams (her rivals have:). Last week, we missed their recognition day but she made it again to the top. To God be the glory for all their success! 

One thing I never miss is going home every year to be their most loyal fan and moral supporter on their annual piano as well as voice and violin recitals. It's their 5th year in piano (their 6th year this June). The following videos are the results of their piano teacher's efforts and patience, their Tita Guy's (hubby's cousin) strict but loving guidance and, of course, their own persistence and discipline in practicing and enduring to master even more complicated pieces.

Consistent finalist in their annual piano recital for 3 consecutive years

They're really moving up as we can see when they can already accompany a congregation during church worships. That's actually our main goal in sending them to piano school at young age (girl 7, boy 6) - to serve in the church. To make a living out of their potentials, skills and capabilities (not only education) someday is, of course, most parent's wish to make their children survive on their own. Shouldn't they move up independently then?

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Marice said...

wow you must be so proud of them :)

Anonymous said...

And I thought I had it hard...I'm sure your children understand, seing how bright and responsible they are. Kinda makes all the sacrifes worth it. Love your post, mommy! :)

Cecile said...

congrats to your very smart and talented kids :-)

Mirage said...

Bravo! I enjoyed both pieces, but I really loved how your daughter played hers! (I'm looking forward to my daughter's first recital, I hope she plays well.) Even though you're not there to guide them all the way, it is very noteworthy that your kids are well brought up! Congratulations mommy, keep it up!

Clarissa said...

OMG!!I'm so impressed with their recital!!You must be very proud of them!!Good luck to your talented kids!Sana ma-enhance pa lalo ang kanilang talents.^_^

BastiSimonandSam said...

Congrats! It is really important for kids to do well not only in academics but in extra curricular activities as well. Your kids are doing well on both, and equally talented too! Talk about EQ and IQ! Congrats again!

Dhemz said...

oh my gosh...super talented talaga tong mga chikiting mo so proud to both of them...super galing!

pupunta pala silang dalawa jan this! bongga...reunited ulit! am sure madami kang pasalubong....ehehhehe.....bangus!

ito pala yung email ko

Rossel said...

your kids are great. congratulations to your kids and to you mommy. raising them to be talented and responsible kids is one of your achievements.

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Vernz said...

alam mu nice, ewan ko bakit ayaw talaga ng kids ko sa music ... di ko nalang pinipilit ... my girl is into ballet, kaya naloka ako sa scheds niya ... stage momma tigdala ng things niya .... hahahah! great kids...

MGMG said...

Congratulations! I was reminded of my own recital watching your kids :D They play really proud mommy!

P.S. I've linked you, hope we can exlinks...thanks!

Tetcha said...

You've got talented, well-disciplined, and bright kids. Your hard work really paid off.

Chris said...

it must be so hard to be an OFW with kids... i cant imagine.. but kudos to you and your hubby.. and of course, with the grace of God... things work out well!

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