Friday, April 9, 2010

Fast-Growing and Active Kids' Footwear

TGIF, fellow mommies! Here we are again with this week's topic - SHOES. When it comes to shoes or footwear, it's easiest for me to choose for my baby. Why? He's the only one among my 3 kids who never has any specifications so far. Although he never demands what he likes because he can't speak yet, I can feel how thrilled and motivated he is to walk whenever he's wearing his squeaky shoes. So apart from fun and squeaky sound, I also consider comfort for his tiny feet on top of my priority whenever I buy shoes for my dear little one. For me, it's not practical to buy pricey shoes for babies as they quickly outgrow them. Because I go for both quality and value, I usually look for stuffs on sale where I get good quality (even branded ones if available) at very reasonable price.Some of these pairs are gifts for my baby.
While our kids are growing, their taste also develops. My hyperactive son who plays basketball and football, for example, convinced us that he needs more durable shoes so he won't change all the time or get embarrassed when playing. But not just durable. He needs a signature pair to match with his friends' and playmates'. So this pair he got out of his prodding -  Nike shoes signed by one of his favorites, Lebron James. He's only 11!

Our eldest who is on her early teens has also her own style. When it comes to school and church shoes, she wants anything with heels to make her look taller regardless of brand. She's the youngest and smallest in her class so that explains it. But when it comes to sports shoes, she also asks for branded ones. I asked her why so and she said, they are more durable and nice-looking. She always goes for anything fashionable or trendy like her friends. Okay, they're able to convince us but then it all depends on the budget available. Oh my, they had to change school and rubber shoes every now and then! SMS received says: "Mom, skul shoes hungry!" (gutom, a.k.a. broken, LOL:) So now whenever we buy their school and rubber shoes, we choose the really durable and bigger ones to give them an allowance for their fast growing feet.
What about your kids?
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Anonymous said...

Nako, this maybe next in our list too.. Once Aori outgrows his current Nike Airs, he will choose the model na rin.

Oh, I miss buying kiddie sandals..:) Very cute collection.

nice A said...

@judy, Aori will certainly love it. My boy used to be content with just Nike Airs or even just the simple Adidas, Puma, Reebok or New Balance but because he saw Lebron James' from his friends he really dreamed to try such. Oh,kids! Following from Maslow's Theory, once they satisfy this need, I think they will no longer yearn for it. Hope so.
Thanks for your visit, sis. I will return the favor later.

Anonymous said...

Ahh.. the pressure from peers hehe :) Very understandable. Haha, I havent heard of Maslow's theory since college :) Thank you sis, for the very nice comments in my other MM post. I'm so glad you invited me.

Oh that's so nice to have your kids there during the vacation. Ganyan din kami for the last 2 years. I know that feeling.. take advantage and enjoy the summer with the kids. You can always blog hop when they're asleep

♥Willa♥ said...

Thanks God that Patrick is not really brand concious, at least not yet. When I told him nga na he's wearing a high brand shoes, sabi nya lang, ah, ok! lol!
and yeah, their feet grows fast !!!

momgen said...

Very pretty selection of shoes. happy mommy moments.

Mine is here

MGMG said...

So true, even kids prefer the branded ones...pero ok din talaga, dahil matibay (at maaasahan!)

Happy weekend sis!


MGMG said...

Sulit naman ang for sure lalong gaganahan sa kanyang sports ang baby boy mo...parang yung sister ko naman ang dawty mo lagi nakatakong, same reasons :D Have a happy weekend mommy, enjoy!

nuts said...

the first set of shoes are realy cute.. I can imagine a little boy running around with these shoes. boys have simple preference than girls in choosing shoes..

Marice said...

wow love their collections :)

u may view mine here

chubskulit said...

So love the Nike shoes sis!

Am a little late for my entry, but here is their shoes.. then and now, hope to see you and have a great weekend!

Dhemz said...

dami shoes....ehehhehe...those are cute....pwede mahiram yung Nike...ehehehhe!

musta na te? sensya na po at ngayon lang me ulit napadpad dito....can't wait to get fully still have this annoying glad I feel a little bit better now.... sure you guys are busy spending time together...ang saya-saya nyo siguro jan....looking forward to see your outing photos....:)

dalaw me muna dito before hitting the hay...have a wonderful weekend....mwah!

anne said...

all the shoes are so adorable

Mommy Rubz said...

Nice shoes! Your boys are very classy. ^_^

Thanks for visiting my Mommy Moments entry too. :)

Kero said...

Re: shoes from Dubai...when is your friend going to Bangkok?

Maybe we can meet him/her first Friday of May to give them. lemme know =)

Tetcha said...

Kids these days know what they want. LOL! Thanks for sharing your kids' lovely shoes here.

Chris said...

shoes can bring back lots of memories, di ba? :D

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