Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reflections on the Flood

 So much damages, tensions and anxieties have been brought by the flood here in Thailand. It made a lot of people in Bangkok including us to hoard food supplies as there have been rumors that Bangkok, even if flood-walled, will still be inundated with waters coming from the provinces especially during the high tides. But thank God it has not happened, at least in our area, as some districts such as my friend's where these photos here were taken are already affected. My Thai friend told me that this has never happened here in 50 years. This calamity gave me an opportunity to discuss with her about prophecy and salvation.
 I told her that I don't wonder if such things are happening. Climate change and global warming are some signs that the end is coming near as prophesied in the Bible that there will be disasters one after another. We have seen that calamities such as tsunami, earthquakes and floods cannot be controlled even by the most sophisticated technology on earth. But I told her that with Jesus Christ in our life, we will be assured of salvation. I pointed out to her that we can never run away with our wealth just like these cars parked on the highway left by the owners who have fled anywhere to save themselves, which she readily agreed. How much more when God will judge the world and burn in hell all the sinners  who never repented and accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord?
This disaster that has plagued Thailand is just a reminder that this world is but our temporary home and we need a Living God that can save us from the wrath of sin and will someday take us to heaven where there will never be calamities, pains and sorrows anymore. Let me share this inspiring song to you:


kim said...

it hasn't been too long since the Philippines was struck with typhoon Pedring and Quiel and some parts of the country were heavily flooded.. :(

by the way, do you mind checking out on My Neighbors.. The United LAUREANS!"

nice A said...

@kim, sure, the Philippines is frequently visited by typhoons year round but typhoon is unknown in Thailand and this flood now is very rare so many people ask why.

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