Friday, July 1, 2011

New place, new learning experience

Life is indeed a constant change. And I'm very glad that my kids are living up to this reality of constant change. I grew up moving from one school to another which now I can say I have benefited a lot as it made me more sociable and, at least, flexible with any changes and surprises. Having moved to a new school, my kids had to share their frustrations as well as excitements. Now, after barely 3 weeks, they share less frustrations but now more tone of normalcy.

My boy, after living in his own home with less older peers to get along with for years, at first got confronted with the issue of not knowing how to respect older ones. Now living in a dormitory with mixed ages and personalities has helped him learn to deal with others. I've observed his stubbornness and advised him to be nice to anyone but his experience is his best adviser. He felt that his dorm-mates, all older than him, were not happy about it so it's his best way of changing. Isn't this a great experience for a growing boy? I know that he will learn more things other than this at his new learning place. Having to live with the constant change in life is the best thing he and his sister need to learn day by day wherever they are. 


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