Friday, February 4, 2011

How I Fixed my Hijacked Blog

Some blogging friends such as e-Mom of Chrysalis and scribbler notified me of my hijacked blog. No one could read my blog and leave a message for a month. Actually, before they did, I already had noticed it but I was not so sure if the same thing was appearing if my blog is opened in another computer. And they both confirmed such problem that after just a few seconds of opening my blog, they would see a website taking over - which sells stuff such as insurance, cranes, trucks, website help, etc.  How did I fix it? I followed the suggestion of e-Mom to Google search for a solution. I tried every suggestion including changing my password, changing my HTML but the only thing that worked was deleting a comment I was suspicious of - named Aloe Vera which has a verifiable website on Forever Living products. When I deleted it, the bug disappeared right away. So, Eureka!!! I rejoice for recovering my hijacked blog.

So fellow bloggers out there, even if we control our comments, there can still be infiltrators who have bad intentions. Oh, this world is really full of trickery so we must really be cautious! And how I missed my blog:) Thanks e-Mom for encouraging me not to give up. I'm now more confident that there's always a solution to any problem- big or small -  so we should not panic when things go wrong.


e-Mom said...

Amen! What a revelation. I had no idea a blog could be taken over simply from a bad comment. I will be even more vigilant now to delete those comments that look suspicious.

I'm glad you were able to resolve the problem, and that you didn't give up! Well done NiceA. (Have you thought about alerting the host of the suspicious website? Surely, they would want to know about the questionable activities of that company.)

So happy you'll be joining us for Marriage Monday! See you soon.

Blessings, e-Mom ღ

Jemina | Eezyblogging said...

Well done! I'm so happy you've got your site reinstated again.
Let me also add that you can report the site to Google and they will ban this site's adsense account. Google doesn't condone this type of activity from abusers. Google is on our side. Yey!

nice A said...

@ e-Mom and Jemina, I really appreciate your concern. God bless you both.

Jona said...

oh it's good you were able to fix your blog already. that's frustrating! but I believe it's for a you can share your experience to others like me who have learned from your experience. nice, nice A! btw, my entry for Marriage Monday This Month is up already. too excited, you say? haha :D

nice A said...

@Jona, yes, it's worth sharing this experience to others so that they will be more cautious in their virtual explorations.
Thanks for the reminder for MM this month, sis. I'll go see your post today. I'll write mine later.
Miss you, Jona!

MushaMommy Judy said...

Hi there! Its been ages since I last bloghopped. Pati ba naman blog naha-hijack na? At least you're back in control :)

nice A said...

@MushaMommy Judy, yes, thanks God I'm back in control of it. How have you been, my friend? yeah, it's been ages. I really missed you.

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