Monday, January 10, 2011

Back to Reality

Happy New Year everyone! 
After my 3-week vacation with my family, here I am back to reality. With too much traveling from north to south and back to the north with marathon events for my kids over the holidays, the 3 of them got sick. I would say though that too much excitement seeing their cousins and loved ones in the "Land of Promise" after 6 years must have caused them restless and stressed. They would bond until late night including my toddler who is the youngest among the cousins in both sides of our families.
Oh, what fun to be reunited with families! I was overwhelmed by the sight how my kids have grown to get closer to their kins despite the great distance between them! I loved the way they mingled and treated their cousins whom they haven't seen for so long. They updated each other, shared their tell-tales, cracked jokes, sang and danced together with the endless parties everyday. At least, I'm assured that they got the values we want them to learn. But after all such fun and excitement, my school kids are now back to school while still taking their medicines and I am back to work - the normal routine. All of us are not yet up for the study and working mode. We're still on vacation mode:)  Oh, to be back to reality!
Despite my kids' sickness which, of course, but temporary, I wish that the year 2011 will treat us all well by God's wonderful grace. God has been so good to us over the years and He is there for us all the time. I am always grateful to Him and to all loved ones and dear friends who have made life so beautiful through the years. Through ups and downs in the past years, here I am challenged again to face the reality of life not only at work but in all aspects of my struggles for a better me and family.  Welcome 2011 with all the challenges it may bring!


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