Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Pangabuhi sa Uma" following Thailand's Self-sufficiency Economy: An OFW's perspective

This Karay-a song "Pangabuhi sa Uma" (Life in the Farm) by Sammy Rubido with its well-made video (by Ulysses Loresto as posted on Youtube and Facebook) captured in a perfect farm setting reminds me of the Self-sufficiency Theory by the longest reigning king of Thailand and in the world. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej developed the philosophy of the Sufficiency Economy to lead his people to a balanced way of life and to be the main sustainable development theory for the country.

According to this theory, the farmland is divided into four parts with a ratio of 30:30:30:10 which means, 30% is set aside for pond and fish culture; 30% for rice, corn, root-crops and vegetables; 30% for growing fruit and perennial trees; and the remaining 10% for housing, raising livestock animals and other activities.
 Hubby's clan farm somewhere in GenSan is blessed with a vast span of lake and the Buayan River that  both supply water for the crops. Can you see the grazing cattle beside the lake? (Thanks to hubby's cousin Jessie Marie for these photos.)

My husband would like to advocate this philosophy by tending a farm following the same idea by the self-reliant Thais. He believes that raising organic plants and livestock for family's consumption and selling the surplus is the best way to go especially during our retirement as OFWs. Aside from the health benefits from eating organic produce and the exercise we can get from growing plants and raising livestock, reaping what we sow brings so much happiness and fulfillment for sure. It will also teach us to live by our own means and help solve the food shortage crisis. This model is environmental-friendly as well as it balances the ecosystem. Planting more fruit and perennial trees will help with the atmosphere's oxygen supply.

This is the model dear hubby desires from his observations with the sufficient farmers here in Thailand selling their own produce with their very own transportation such as pick-ups. It is also following from his uncle who has been managing a farm since his (hubby's) birth and is able to put up his foundation, by sending his siblings, nephews and nieces including some of their children to school through the abundant produce of his farm.  He has also been raising cattle, goats and lots of chickens. We enjoy the fresh farm "native" chickens and their eggs, which "Manoy" regularly sells at GenSan market. Hubby sees that Manoy is more than self-sufficient so as an OFW, he wants to manage his own farm someday as his great model does. Just one thing he will add to his farm to completely adopt Thailand's self-sufficiency philosophy, a fishpond for his fish diet in addition to his vegetarian diet (pescetarian= fish & vege). It is as well to enjoy game-fishing, one of the whole family's favorite pastime.
 The new generation of lush coconuts under the old  ones in the farm of "Manoy" , hubby's hardworking, wise and generous uncle, shows how many generations of graduates it has produced even before his birth. He acquired this farm at the age of 25. And Manoy has just celebrated  his 78th birthday. 

Maybe hubby will grow the ingredients I need in the resto I'm building in mind:) Not a bad idea, is it? Big food chains here operate that way so they can lower their prices to attract more customers.
We have learned that as OFWs, we have to gather experiences and ideas to help us grow and develop ourselves and share them to our kababayans.
It's all but a plan yet but Og Mandino says that successful people are "those who can visualize their goals in life".This visualization is powerful in making dreams come true as it serves as our guide in our actions. Effective implementation comes from a clear planning.

(This post is a tribute to our dear "Manoy"  on his 78th birthday this August. Manoy, this is dedicated to you for living such a worthy, selfless and exemplary life for your clan. One day, we will take JD, Josh and Jako to pay tribute to you for how you raised their dad and gave him a decent education. All because of your hard work and discipline... We love you, Manoy!)


Jona said...

ang ganda ng farm. it's so nice to see rich, lush greens. so refreshing!

gleenn said...

If I could live with a stable internet connection and sufficient funds, I would not mind living in uma ;)

nice A said...

well, in this uma here, there's internet connection as it's within the city actually lalo na ngayon everywhere na coverage ng wifi khit sa celfone nga lang. definitely, gleenn, you can be self-sufficient if you live the life of manoy. he has katiwala pero hands-on pa rin siya at kahit sabay-sabay sa college pinag-aaral niya di niya nagagalaw pang-lifetime ipon niya. kaya saludo tlga ako sa kanya.

nice A said...

@Jona, thanks a lot for liking it.
@gleenn, thanks also for stopping by. it's been awhile. medyo napabayaan ko na to sa sobra nating ka-busy. time ko pagkatapos ng work kay baby na lahat:)

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