Monday, July 12, 2010

Pencil-Sharpener Analogy

Like these pencils, I want to be sharpened. No matter how painful the process is, I have to bear the pain of being shaped so that I will be able to write or draw quite well that others may know me through my output. With this, I may be able to reach out and influence others. "No pain, no glory."
The pencil can't write very well if it's dull so it needs to be sharpened. We are the pencil and who is our sharpener? It can be our own life's experiences that have taught us some lessons in life. It can be other people around us who shape our views and attitudes in life or people who might have taught us big lessons to learn. Or it could be life's circumstances that might have molded us to be a better person.
So no matter how unbearable the circumstance is that is happening with us right now, let's just look ahead and be optimistic enough that there's always a reason why such thing occurred. It's the way to be sharpened. That's how colorful life is - like a kaleidoscope. If all we see is darkness right now, later will be a glorious brightness. Life is full of contrasts. We are dull like a pencil right now, but if we allow ourselves to be sharpened, our life will become beautiful.


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